2003-08-17 00:41:55 (UTC)

Getting Back to Normal

The ice cream social went well. We made about $200 and saw
people we hadn't seen in a long time, like Mrs. Irwin who
was the boys' Sunday School teacher years ago. I bought
several quarts of homemade vanilla ice cream to take home
and it's wonderful with pie!

Yesterday we finished up three nights of Vacation Bible
School. I headed up the crafts and it was great fun! We
had about 15 kids who behaved well and I think had fun too.
The part I liked best, though, was when Homer Miller who is
over 80 who came along with his wife--she provided the
snacks for all the kids--came to check out the crafts and
seem delighted playing with the "telescopes" the little
three year olds had made of decorated toilet paper tubes and
paper cups! The kids brought in a little over $50 for the
Makindu Children's Center (see for
information about this project).

Our next church projects aren't until December. There will
be caroling, preparing baskets of goodies for the shut-ins
and, of course, the bazaar. Fun, fun, fun!