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2003-08-16 20:57:40 (UTC)

have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered how and what other people think.
Ever wondered if you are the only one in the world who
thinks and feels the way that you do. I just want to know
if i am the only one who feels the way that i do. Not that
that question will ever really be answered b/c no one
besides God really knows the way that i actually feel.
Sometimes i just wish that i could read peoples minds and
not have to worry about what they are thinking. I know
that most of the time i could care less what they are
thinking but there are a few people that i would really
care to know what they are thinking. It would be so much
easier if everyone were able to express the way they
really feel with adequet(sp??) words. That way no one
would ever have to wonder, and when they did express
themselves that they would really truely say what they
felt. They wouldn't just say what they think will make you
happy. And i know that this entry is virtually pointless
but i felt like writing it anyway, b/c sometimes (like
now) i wish i didnt feel the way i do. but i do and i
suppose i cant change that b/c its who i am and i
shouldn't try to be something that i'm not. Maybe the part
of me that i dont want to feel so much is the longing for
someone to be there for me. Don't get me wrong i have
friends whom i love very very dearly. I long to find
my "soul mate". if there even is such a thing. but anyway
i guess i'm out for now.