Steva's Life
2003-08-16 20:27:26 (UTC)

Past And Presant Life pt. 1


So ok, this is going to be a 2 part Entery becuase i want
to do 2 seperate things....

Well first... this past week... because i have to get it
out :-)

Well it started with Sarah asking if she could move in to
my apt with me, and i was pretty cool with that becuase i
thought she was a cool person, and i thought it would be
fun, you know get a new aspect on life, becuase she's a
different girl then most of the girls that i hang out with
so it was going to be a good change, Well It started out
with us being plastered everynight till 8-9 am, and then
i'd pass out because i couldn't do it anymore, and i was at
that point, so we did that for 2 nights, and the 2nd night
Amanda and Kira and some guy came over to hang out becuase
i had clancy and i couldn't leave him alone... So they were
nice and came over to my place.

So we hung out for a little while and then they left around
2:30 or so, and then Sarah and i just hung out she was
usally online through the party becuase she didn't want to
be part of it... don't ask i have no idea why? I mean it
wasent the greatest party but she wanted them to come over
and then she just stayed off to the side... i don't know...
who know's... so then i fell asleep around 8 am, becuase
again i was dieing...

So i slept alot of the day witch i had done the day before,
and it wasent fun becuase i like my days, i mean i like
spending a night every once and a while hanging out with
friends, watching movie's etc. But Not every night and
that's what she wanted and that wasent going to be me,
Becuase i want to get my life going again and Get a job on
broadway ;-) lol... and this was her life, and i never
really fully Relized that... and so i talked to my mother
that night becuase sarah went in to jersy, Becuase she was
doing somthing, So i called my mother to figure out what's
going ot happen so we just decided to tell her that she had
to be out, and it wasent fun telling her, but i had no
other choice, and then i passed out about 10 pm becuase i
was dieing of sleep i was sooooo tierd, and then she got
home about 1 am, and then she put her stuff down and then
went back downstairs and talked to moe "The night doorman"
till about 5 am, "again that's her life style sleep all day
and play all night" "And that's just not me" So then she
came back in and she went to sleep and i got up at 9:30 or
so, and she got up at 11:30 and i was on the computer...
and we talked and hung out and had fun and then that night
we were trashed again, and then we stayed up again till
like 9 am, and i tryed to get to sleep, but couldn't fall
asleep and then 4:11 comes around and you hear a noise and
everything goes off and the tv was on and i was lieing on
the couch facing the wall side, and i get up and look
around daized, and i get up and go to the kitchen and look
at the fuse box, and flip some switches and nothing happens
So i walk out in to the room and sarah's like you don't
think its the whole building and i'm like SHIT!, and then i
walk in to the hall and 2 other people come out and one of
them's like its the whole city and all i could think of was
fainting, i was so shocked becuase i had always kind of
wished that i could live though a black out in NY becuase
it would be such and interesting Life story to tell.

So then i go in to the apt and i sit down for a minute and
we decide to go out side and i shut the computer off and we
head outside, there were emergency lights on in the hall
and then in the stairwell there's Emergency lights on each
floor, "Only one bad thing, they only last a few hours...
the hall way ones last even less then the ones in the
stairs" So we walk downstairs and we were one of the first
people to come downstairs but we were followed by a couple
other people and it was a mess in the street of people in
cars trying to drive down the road without traffic lights
and people trying to cross the road and that was a mess in
it's self :-).

So Sarah and i hung out outside "Mind you i hadent slept at
all! And was dieing of sleep!!!"
So we hang out, and Sam comes up the street "he's our
morning door man during the week" And he goes in side
ralf "Our Afternoon doorman during the week/weekend off
monday/tuesday" sorry... lol...
So we're out there and its 96* Out side and no AC anywhere
in the city... so everyone's dieing from the heat, and it
was interesting Sarah and i just sit on the side walk and
watching people walk by and talking to some of htem and
there is NO CELL PHONE'S USE becuase the Signal Doesent
work :-P. But i got through a few times to my mtoher and i
left a message for Amy, Lindsey, Amanda and chell in cali,
Thanks got Lindsey was in fla. Away from everything :-D Amy
was home and amanda was at her apt here in the city.

So then sarah and i decide to go around the corner and get
pizza, and soda because we were hungery and hadent eaten
since the day before, So we went to the pizza joint and
they had pizza and were making it becuase they were one of
the few places that could make food, and no body could cook
in the house beucase there was no Power becuase we have gas
stoves but need power for them to work or somthing i don't
know i was happy getting food take out lol.... that's so
me :-D lol.

So were sitting on the pavement and eating... and people
come by and are like where'd you get it and we're like
little Vincents and they're like ohh! and run to it lol :-D

So then night fall came and we Decided to go inside and it
was really dark and I ended up going to lisa's to check on
her, and then we hung out and we taked and then 3 hours
passed and i had forgotten about sarah... oops... But i got
to talk about alot of things that i needed to talk to lisa
about... And it was good, and then i went back to the apt
and Sarah wasent there and so i layed down and had a candle
Burning becuase it was PITCH black in the room and outside
So i lied there for a little while and closed my eyes and
rested a little bit "Don't worry i didn't fall asleep" And
then sarah Walked in and was like you forgot about me and i
was like whatever.... and She lied down on the futon and it
was the worst tim for her becuase she was eather watching
TV... Sitting on the computer, or Getting trashed and
that's basically All she did... so i was a ruff time for
her, it was a great great time for me becuase that's my
fav. time is just to sit on in the room and just write, I
mean i'm usally on the computer, But only for writing in my
jurnal, or out with Ppl, or Somwhere.

But i didn't for a week and got used to it and now i'm just
trying to get out of it. :-)

So then yesterday comes along and Sarah and i get in to a
fight, Verbal, and basically she was just putting me down
saying i didn't care for her, and that i'm not worth living
on this earth and not worth anything to anyone, even though
i know i am, and that i'm stuped etc. And i'm like please
don't get me Angry/upset and she's like why, and i'm like
You have 2 minutes to get out of my apt, i'm calling the
doorman to come escort you out of my apt. and she's like
that's so stuped etc. an i was like whatever... and sat at
the computer and looked around online and didn't care and
then she went off again and stomped out of the apt and i
really didn't care... i truly don't care.

So then i was freeking out becuase i was told that i'm not
worth anything and i didn't know what to do so of course i
called my mother, and basiclly was in tears and freaking
out, and then i called lisa and was like WAHHHHH!!!!

And then i got off the phone and was resting and then i got
a phone call from Jen K, Asking if she and her friend could
comeup and stay at my place for the night becuase they had
no Power still and naturally I said yes, because that's
just the type of person i am. Being as i am a nice person :-

So they came up and We talked for a little while and then i
got a Call from Lisa asking if she could come over and
bring me Flowers and i said sure and the flowers are
realllllly pretty i love them :-D They match my Room :-D
yey :-D She got them becuase she felt bad about what
happened with sarah, and i wanted to cry :-( because that's
so sweet, No one's Brought me flowers in YEARS!

So then She left And Jen and mel and i hung out and talked
and i told jen and she really didn't care, and that pissed
me off but moving on.

So we watched a movie and then it finished and jen took a
shower and Mel and i fell asleep and during that time i had
Gone to lisa's because she had some questions and so i went
then i came back and Jen and Mel were talking really softly
as for me not to hear and i was bothered by that... becuase
if you can't say somthing nice to someone in they're apt
then don't bring it up at all!!!!!!!!!

So then we had decided to go to aida rush today and we got
up at 5:30 to shower and get ready and what not then we
went down and they wanted to bus because they were afrade
of taking the train becuase they didn't know if it was
running and didn't want to be the first back on it. So we
walked up to lexington Ave and we saw NO buses and so we
got a cab and went down and we were first and then the line
started right behind us :-D it was interesting.

I'm afrade to see it because toni Braxtion is playing aida
and they lowed all the music like a 4th and it bother's me
because that's not how the music is written and they should
do that specially if its broadway. but i don't have a say
in it.

And while we were at the rush line i was totally the 3rd
weel, i have NO idea why i went at all just to be left out
of the everything, so i just basically talked to my self.
But i'm used to doing that.

And mel said i wasent the queen and wow! I was upset :-)
becuase well i am THE queen :-D teehee

"Have i said to much, there's nothing more i can think of
to say to you, But all you have to do is look at me to know
that everything is True" -Evita ::Sigh:: Felicia finley :-D

Well talk to you soon...

-diva the steve