2003-08-16 19:10:06 (UTC)


So I manage to go to eric's house for that toga going away
party for Marvin. Poor guy is gonna be a Marine, believe it
or not. Well, I had the hardest time with the toga. I
couldn't find any clean white sheets. Mom forgot about the
whole ordeal. We went to Kmart to buy some toga attire, it
was 11 bucks and long. Plus wide. I wished I would have
brought my snake jewlery and spiked my hair. I tried to
spike but my hair is a little too long for that now. Maybe
if I would have used glue. But no.

Stephanie and Eric came to the door. Eric had a purple one
and Steph had a black one. They looked so cool. I thought,
man some people went all out. But then again Dwight didn't,
Kara didn't, Oscar didn't. It was cool though.

KATHY was there. I had forgotten when she was to come back
from Poland. She came back on Monday, and she was there for
the party. She had a fun summer from what she was telling
me. Bunch of hot guys and that co'ed dorm feeling to the
whole thing.

There was a bar. I had a little too many. We took turns
being the bartender. It was a fun role to play, and we had
fun with it. I came a little out of it since there was so
much chaos at my house, but it was alright after a few
hours. People were playing DDR, I didn't play I wanted to
catch up with Kathy, and the darn thing was always taken.
When it wasn't, I wanted to go on with Marvin see what he
has, but he got an upset stomach so that didn't work.

Then we stopped playing that, folded up the pads and
started playing 7 minutes in heaven which was kinda
pointless anyways. It was all about the exit, and the
entrance really. I was paired up with Jimmy. He was funny.
We basically sat in the dark closet trying to figure out
what it was that Jimmy was sitting on. It turned out to be
a vacuum cleaner. I gave him my shirt for the exit, put it
back on later. Those guys had such big eyes. Marvin was
with Kara, they made the funniest and fakest moaning noises.

Then we got to dancing. Booty dancing and mosh pitting. I
got tired so I layed on the dance floor, but my head still
kept the beat, and or my hand, so chris gets on me, and I
start dancing. You know just lifting my abdomen to the
beat. Then a bunch of others join in to that line. I
couldn't really see who. After Chris got off of me, Kara
was next in line and she went lower. This was cool. I think
they took pictures of that.

We didn't dance for long. Marvin got a cake, made a speech,
showed us the most perverted, voilent Japanese cartoon, but
before that, Kara was leaving and Marvin wanted everyone
there. So while Dwight was saying good-bye to Kara we were
playing spin the bottle. Damn what incest.

They were just pecks on the lips but it was fun. My first
time for both these games. I didn't like not being prepared
though. I didn't brush me teeth well enough, I was worried
about my breath my sweat, that's why I asked for a fanta
from the current bartender and was happy that these are
just gonna be pecks. HAHAHA I kissed Chris, then Eric. HA.
Chris and Stephany kept getting each other. They almost
ended up frenching. Ela had to kiss Marvin and their heads
parted just when Eric came in. Marv's face was priceless.
He thought he's gonna die.

The party kinda died after 4 of the girls went home. Then
it was just the guys, me and gosh what's her name. Not much
fun. I left. Marvin walked me to the car. I know he likes
me. He's so cute about it. So Freaking shy. It's cute. I
should have kissed him on the cheek then. Maybe it would
have made his day or something. Oh well. Till next time.

Today is Pepsi's B-day party. We'll see what develops.
Ha what develops. Crap 2:16 and I'm taking the bus. Still
not fully ready. Gotta get going.