American Spirit
2003-08-16 18:36:11 (UTC)


my life is a broken vase where the pices have been put back
together and it's holding there by sheer force. You can't
put anything in it and a couple of the top pieces are still
falling off. Yesturday was my last day of employment
again. It won't be the last. And i have people who were
in my life one way and now are just people who come over
everynow and then. really that is all i have had for a
while. One of them removed himself completely which i
guess i am fine with i just wish they would have
explained. The others i am not so sure about. I want to
feel a part of peoples lives and that i have helped ease
the rough road of life just by being there but it is
impossible to be there if i don't feel i am needed. What's
more i want to shake the one and and find out why...
Chevonne if you're reading this then you should give me a
call i will probably try you tonight cause i want to talk
and we'll have a break in rpg to do that. But also none of
this is about you other than i am scared of what you will
say about moving to ptown again. I got all my hopes up
again... I know you have your life there but it's hard
waiting for you to make up your mind or become firm with
the decision you made. I love you sweetheart.