Yes this is my kool diary!
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2003-08-16 05:59:30 (UTC)


it hurts when i breathe! It hurts really bad =(. well anyway
I need a job!!!! my mom said i could get a job where she
works i put my applcation in and they havent called yet
but,my mom said they dont need anyone til they start a new
medical line so I guess I have to wait! Jesse always sleeps
on the couch in the evening man he takes up the whole
fucking couch and i have to sit on the floor that pisses me
off so bad. Jesse said I have to go get put on some zoloft
cause he said im crazy wtf? why is he going to say im crazy?
just cause i have paniac attacks all the time doesnt mean
im crazy he is just so mean to me. ok anyway new subject i
go into this chat room on aol called preg and waiting and i
used to be a reg until all the girls in there turned into
evil slut cakes! They are 25 with the minds of junior high
[email protected]@. and my friend hallie still has that denise girl
as her girlfrind and it sucks cause i want to have sex with
ehr and since she has a girlfriend she wont have sex with
me =( im sick of typing this stuff it doesnt make since

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