"Day-z H"
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2003-08-16 01:21:10 (UTC)

"You Don't Know Jack" August 15th, 2003

Long time...no update. Lately things have been busy. I've
been moving in with my baby :). Finally got all that
done...lol at least i think. Also been lookin' for a
job...though know luck...dammit. That's one of the
downsides of livin' in the middle of nowhere. Also school
was suppose 2 start for me Thursday...but this place is so
small there were 2 many kids for them 2 handle and they
told me 2 come back Monday. Things are going good
though. :D. Enjoying living here with my bf. :D. Right now
all we are doing is having company over and drinking a lil
for the first time in forever. Guess that is all for now
because I don't really feel like updating at the moment.
2morrow I have work...and hope Tracie can come hangout
with me...haven't seen her in a while. Also craving spicy
food...don't understand that...but it is a thing I have
when I drink. Odd...spicy food isn't a good thing usually.

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