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2003-08-15 21:16:26 (UTC)


what a whirlwind these past few days have been...

the whole blackout thing, made the city how it should be.
everyone on their stoops, porches, balconeys, sitting
outside with candles... talking to eachother, talking to
these neighbors theyve never talked to before... familes
talking to eachother, it was nice,

i walked down to the river with my camera, found a guy
there with a tripod all set up and he let me use it to take
pictures of the black skyline. crazy really.

ive been thinking lately, that i dont understand this time
thing. and when the blackout happened, it was a whole
different expeireice of time. 2 hours went by and i didnt
understand the movement of those two hours. there was no tv
to click the time away, no music, no information, just
voices and bodies.

(haha, marco dear, i just looked back at that
paragraph , "i dont understand this time thing" that might
be a sentence that needs clarification, no?)

time meaning the movement of the day, and yourself, what
you do and what you dont do, and your thoughts, and what
you do to fill your time, what different people do to fill
their time and does that necessarily mean they are pushing
time forward, and markers of time, and sleep, and how sleep
breaks up time and gives a reference for time... getting
lost time, lost in a book, an article, a tv show, a
movie.... what happens in years, and where changes happens
and what takes hold and what does not.... ive also been
reading one hundred years of solitude and that makes me
think of time as well... epic time, generations.....

speaking of time... i think i have a hard time expressing
my 'deep thoughts' because they are too fast for my
fingers or my mouth... they are based on too many other
thoughts, and when i slow down, slow down, i think i am
good at getting them out, but often i dont slow down....

last night, when all of new york and the eastern seaboard
had no electricity,
that slowed things down. really, to the pace it should be.