Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-08-15 03:38:44 (UTC)

Drama Is his new Name

Omg lets see.... yesterday i met NATE he is really hot!
whew anyways um.... me and him held eachother close
through out the night.... meg and brian hooked up im soo
appy for her.... the made out and thats good b/c meg has
only kissed one guy and that was david.... but im afraid
she is just his rebound girl... but im hopin she isnt! Tish
and Jimmy are both whipped.... its sad! but i dont care
everyone thinks what they are doing is pretty dumb!Nick and
Brittney are falling in love.... i think so at least....
they care about eachother soo much but b/c of jimmy they
are pissed at eachother.... if jimmy loves tish like he
says he does then why is he tryin to hook up with brittney
what kinda shit is that?! but thats not why they are mad...
we went to the movies and it was gonna be me nate nick
brittney meg brian and then jimmy had to just join us.....
BASTARD!! and then we all got pissed.... and now im waiting
for Nate to call but i dont think he will... :( i dont know
what to do though..... i mean i really like him.... but who
knows im not gonna push this.... well im gonna go....
channel my anger!

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