2003-08-14 22:27:27 (UTC)

Bustin' cherries

Yesterday I was playing tennis with Aindrea when who but
Tim calls me up and says that Chis and him are gonna go to
see the Matrix reloaded in Navy Piere. So I'm like I'll
check with my foaks, but I so want to be in. And they let
me. So cool we go.

So time and chris each come in their cars. My god Chris has
the most beutiful car I've ever seen. It's a red
convertible. He says it's almost 4 I think he meant 5, but
it is in top condition. So I drove with him to the Piere.
It was such a great experiance. He played the evenescence
cd real loud and we were going very fast on the freeway. I
stuck my hands out in the air trying to reach the
buildings. The air was fantastic. Tim was driving behind
us, we were giving him signs and stuff. 'Twas great!!!

We got into Navy Pierre and Chris payed for us. I was so
surprised cause it was a 14 dollar ticket. Yikes, I didn't
expect any of that. Well we saw matrix reloaded. Then we
got a tour from Chris of all of Navy pierre. He works there
he's some kind of mananger, but he's only 17. This explains
the hook up and the car.

He also started showing us around the park and beach that's
right there. (That's how we got the idea to do more of such
mischief later.)

So afterwards we got hungry so we were gonna go eat at
pretty much the only thing opened at the time: IHOP. So I
was gonna go home, but Chris was smiling like no, you can't
go, come on. Very convincing. So I thought, what's it gonna
hurt, and besides I was hungry. So we went. But we couldn't
just stop after that. We went to the beach.

We were gonna see the sun rise, but it didn't quite work
since there were so many clouds.


1. Hanging out just DTC (Dorothy, Tim, Chris)
2. Riding in a 2 passanger car
3. Saw Matrix Reloaded
4. Got a tour of Navy Pierre
5. Had fun at Navy Pierre
6. Went to IHOP
7. Had waffles with strawberry syrup
8. Had waffles with raspberry syrup
9. Had waffles with boysenberry syrup
10. Had waffles with honey dew syrup I think it was.
11. Went to the beach at 4 in the morning
12. Came home at 6:40 a.m.

These are just the main ones too. I'm not gonna go into