Darc Tangent

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2003-08-14 17:04:36 (UTC)

Between the Shadows (1,359 wds.)

Between the Shadows
D’Arc Tangent

It was a hot night in Montreal. The kind of night where
you really don’t want to go out anywhere. It was a night
of kicking back, relaxing. Weed makes these nights a
little more bearable, so Jess and I where just relaxing,
smoking, she was telling me about her recordings. She had
some really good angst songs, having just having a really
sucky date a few weeks prior.

“Yeah,” I said, “Been there. Like have you noticed how men
don’t really know how to please women?”

“I think women are better than men, because we know how we
like to be touched, so we know how to touch each other.”

“Well, there are some guys out there who are pretty good.”
I smiled, thinking back to a friend, then, “but yeah, I
think the best I had was probably with another woman.”

“I know you were the best sex I ever had.” Jess said.

Now that made me blush. I have been in quite a few
relationships, but no one ever called me the best they ever
had, so I leaned in to give her a light kiss. Apparently
Jess had other ideas about how this kiss should go. Taking
my face in her hands, she put a kiss on me that made my
mouth dry. Her thirst was such that I couldn’t breath, and
the only breath I could get was by returning the hot, open-
mouthed kiss to her, and I was more than willing to return
kind. As our mouths explored each other, I could feel her
hands on my side, pulling my t-shirt out. Even as she
started to pull up, I could feel my hands, almost on their
own, undoing the buttons on her blouse, stopping long
enough to raise themselves in the air as she pulled the
shirt over my head. Almost hungrily, I went back to
removing her shirt, and kissing her. Her mouth was wet,
and her breath hot, and the blouse gave way almost

Her fingers were at my back, with ease I have never
experienced with a man, my bra was off, and I held hers in
my hand as well. We both pulled back from our kissing,
looking into each others eyes, smiling, before we tossed
the bras behind us. Gently, she pushed me down on the
couch and began to lick small circles around my nipples,
suckling softly on occasion before going back to the
circling with her tongue. My nipples were hard, pointed,
and every touch made the feelings that more intense.

As she was kissing my nipples, I felt her hand sliding down
my naked belly to my pants, sliding underneath, under the
elastic of my panties and into the soft bush between my
legs. Her fingers play my clitoris like a harp, strumming
the nerves and making me sing.

“MY GOD YES!” croaked out of my throat in a hoarse whisper
as she raked the nerve with her fleshy fingers as pulled
them out from my pants. I was suddenly aware of the air
blowing across my damp nipples as she stopped her licking
to concentrate on undoing my pants. I lay on the couch,
legs bent, as she slid my jeans down over my knees, pulling
them off and throwing them carelessly to the floor. Next,
fingernails scraped delicately across my hips as she began
to pull my panties down, exposing me to the night. As I
felt them slip over my ankles, Jess stood up beside the
couch. I lay on my side to watch her as she undid the
buckle of her belt, then the snap of her pants, and pulled
them down. She stepped backwards from the pants, turned
around and bent over, exposing her round, peach-shaped ass
to me as she slid the panties of. A perfect, full moon
reflecting the light from the table lamp. Turning back to
face me, I could see the beautifully manicured bush
highlighted by tan lines as she approached the couch, and
kneeled on the floor next to me.

“Relax, lover.” She said, as I laid back, awaiting her

Her hands were hot on my ankles, as they spread my legs
open, and slowly moved up my calves, caressed my knees,
then along the outside of my thighs, along my side until
they found the firm mounds of my breasts. Her thumbs
caressed the hard nipples again, sending shivers throughout
my body, and as I shook from the sensation I immediately
became aware of her tongue, exploring deep into my cunt.

“Oh, god, yes.” And my hands reached out, wrapping my
fingers in her long brown hair, I held her as she ate me

She slid her hands down my side again, hugging my hips,
then her fingers found their way to my cunt, and she began
to use them to spread my clit, licking me in small circles
as her fingers strummed me like her guitar. Her tongue
darted in and out, licking my juice as I began a soft moan
deep in my throat. Her tongue worked its way into me like
no cock ever had, moving inside me, licking, massaging, and
her fingers picked up whatever her tongue could not handle
as I began to purr a gentle moan, trying desperately not to
scream as she worked me over.

“Christ Jess!” a managed to choke out, “Yes, yes, keep it
up.” Oddly, as a journalism major, I found my word skills
had somehow dissolved under the constant licking and
probing I was under, and I was reduced to monosyllabic
groans as my body arched under hers. “God how long is your
tongue!” I blurted out as my body racked itself under her

Finally, I could not take it anymore, and like a rotisserie
basting in the sweat of our own desires, I spun her under
me, my arms pushing her arms over her head. I stared down
at her, marveling in the beauty of her body for a moment
before leaning down to lick her soft, wet lips.

I could still taste some of me on her, as my mouth closed
over hers, our tongues tangoing to the music of our love,
our beating hearts the tempo that kept us in time. I
lessened my grip on her hands, and slid my hands down her
arms as I began to kiss her nipples. Her breasts were
round, and tanned, and she was gorgeous as I began to suck
at her ever hardening nipples, my tongue making small
circles on one breast, then the other, before I continued
kissing down along her belly, my tongue playfully darting
into her navel, making a big circle around her abs before I
ended my journey into the manicured bush between her legs.

Jess opened her legs to me wantingly. There would be no
waiting here. She needed this as much as I did. I liked
her crack, my tongue lapping her clit like a dog, hungrily,
fast, hard, then, as I could feel her tensing under me, I
slowed down. My tongue pressing softly against her
clitoris, moving almost agonizingly slow over the raw
nerves of her sex. As I felt her relax slightly, I sped up
again. I was fast and hard. Pressing my mouth into her
cunt, licking, my tongue darting into her wet hole until I
could feel the soft rumbling building in her chest, working
its way up her throat to be released as an ear-shattering
scream of ecstasy.

“MY GOD ALEX that was great.” She said, her body a limp,
wet noodle, her voice ragged, her hair soaked in sweat and
matted against her face. I have never seen her more

Jess pulled me to her. Strong arms slowly regaining their
strength as she held me close, my ear to her breasts,
listening to her heartbeat, her breathing, her soft,
whispered words of love.

“I love you Alex.” She said, as if the words were to most
important thing she ever said, and to me, they were, and I
smiled at her, and kissed her again.