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My life story
2003-08-14 07:56:45 (UTC)

2 Years Later

Well, I'm 18 now almost 19. I've had a boyfriend for
almost 9 months. It's amazing. Everything about our
relationship. Me and Him. I think this one is DEfinetly
the ONE. Yeah, like I haven't said that one before.
Since the 1st real break up of my life I've dated 2 other
guys besides Norby, the guy I'm with now.
The first one was Daniel and we were 2gether for 3 months.
The end of senior year until July. He was such a good
little boy. Never did anything! He had only kissed One
girl!!!! Well, I made him in to less of a little boy. WE
didn't have sex, but I taught him a thing or two.
Then I hooked up with a guy I kinda used to date and I
lost my virginity to him. Not my smartest move, but I
don't regret it. Then we started dating "for real" We were
together for 5 months. The worst 5 months of my ife! WE
fought constantly, and everytime it was my fault. Or so he
said. I was always the one who was acting stupid and s***.
Then after about 3 breakups we broke it off for good. Then
we hooked up again! I wore it was over for real. The I met