These are the moments
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2003-08-14 01:43:48 (UTC)

Knarf Legna

Were you an angel in disguise?
With all of that care I saw in your eyes
Were you sent to set me free?
Of anguish, pain, and misery
Were you the one, who gave me a tap?
“Head for the door and never look back”
“This is your chance, to spread your wings wide”
“Be free of your prison, let your mind and soul be your
“You’ve got some knowledge”
“I’ll help you build strength”
”To endure what may come, at any given length”
“Put your past behind you, your wounds will soon heal,”
“Of the unforsaken misery you’ll never again have to feel.”
“Let your scars be reminders, of the battle you’ve won”
“And let your soul be your guide to a deserving life,”
“That for you, has just begun.”

I believe it was you, with the care in your eyes,
As I look up into the star filled skies,
I wish to thank you for your wonderful ways,
I now look forward to many pleasant days. (A.R.S. 2000)


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