No time for love Dr. Jones
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2003-08-14 01:16:33 (UTC)

Your drug of choice isn't booze anymore. You're addicted to chaos

Belinda and I had a bit of a fight last night. When I got
home she was in a fairly foul mood. Lately she's been
pretty upset, mostly aout her weight and how she feels fat,
etc, etc.

When I got home, she was really quiet and brooding, not
very talkative. She didn't want to eat dinner and Iwasn't
feeling very hungry, so went jumped into bed at about 6:45
to just snuggle and snooze a bit. She told me that she's
had an idea to help her lose some weight. She's not going
to eat for a week. It pretty much sounded like this...

"I've checked it all out and it's ok for your body to do
it, yadda yadda dribble dribble".

She really drives me crazy sometimes. It's like she saying
to me, "Hi, I'm Belinda. I used to have an eating disorder
but I got better. I feel unhappy about my current
weight/body image and I've found this great new diet, it's
called Voluntary Anorexia. Don't you think that's a great
idea?" Fuck no. It sounds fucking ridiculous to me. When I
asked her if she'd run by her mum (who is a nurse and
constantly worries about people's health given half a
reason to) she told me that I'm her mum & dad now, I'm the
one who she can tell all her secrets and stuff to. I'm
starting to worry that she's a little psycho, and I'm not
talking metaphorically...

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