Under the starless L.A. sky
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2003-08-13 21:23:07 (UTC)


How is it that I can feal so much fear about someone without that person
standing near me. Is it I'm adfraid of showing myself? Leting my truth
out to bee seen. Is it my past, like a thug in the alley at one am, waiting
to strike and steal all it can? Or is just the fear of rejection for all I was,
am and could be? Sure I am not just the sum total of what I have done,
nor am I just my wishes and dreams, but thoes things reside in my soul
as a part of me and a rejection of either my dark desires or my noontime
joy seems to be a rejection of all of me. so even after all this time, it
seems as if I am still dogged by my own shadow self, a being of just
nerves and veins that pulse and throb to the beat of a darkness blacker
than the outer darkness. a pulse that seems to originate in me.