2003-08-13 20:27:14 (UTC)

do you want to hate me angel

cus I hate you now you're gone

Did you believe it cause I said so
Did you believe it was true
Did you believe it cause I said so angel
I sure lied to you

Devil has a black dress
So her arms can bleed

I'm the devil with the black dress on
Do you want to hurt me angel
Cause I'm hurting now you're gone

man people are soo irritating. but thats okay.

i love dawn. i was like dawn, did you read my diary? the
one ash got upset about? and shes like yeah. but that's
just you. THANK YOU. i couldnt care less about the people
who are ridiculous enough to read my shit when they dont
know me, let alone to comment on it, but i do care when
someone i know and like to be around gets their feelings
hurt. because theres not very many people i know and like
to be around.

anyway now that im done thinking about dumb shit cus people
i dont even know feel the need to bug me. today was nice.
he tried to wake me up when he got out of work at 630.
that wasnt even guna happen. so i went over at 12. and
things were nice. im happy cus i asked him about tomorrow
night and told him what the plan was. so i dont have to
feel guilty or anything. he doesnt want me to go to
atlanta though. which im a little upset about, but not
surprised because last time i went he wasnt happy about
it. But it might have been just for like one night anyway
which is pretty dumb. oh well i'll see what i can do.....

blah de blah de blah

ashley sucks=P