2003-08-13 12:13:56 (UTC)


I never really get around to using this thing because I
don't really feel like it. But because I'm soooo bored
right now, I guess I'll drop some lines.

Not too much has been going on w/ me. Other than the fact
that I won't be going back to Georgia State(tear). I could
have gone back but the struggle would have been really
hard. I see myself as someone who can handle quite a bit,
but I just don't think the struggle to be in Atlanta at
Georgia State would have been really worth it. I mean, if
I would have gone back then it was going to be my last
year there. My intentions were to transfer to UGA. Right
now.....I'm just at a stand-still. I know I have to go
back to school, but I'm just at a point where I feel like
I'm soooo restricted now. It's like being here in M'ville
seems like the worst thing ever. When I made the decision
to not go back to GSU, I cried and cried and I still find
myself crying from time to time. This isn't me....M'ville
isn't me. Atlanta was okay, but it wasn't really me
either. I think the only reason I'm sooo sad about not
returning is because of the people I met. I'm not really
going to miss the city or even the school. Its just that I
met some really cool people. The friendships that I made
are sooo different from the ones I have/had here in
M'ville. Being around people who take you as you are and
encourage you to act as you want, is something that I'm
going to miss. Gosh, I don't have that here. It's like you
are either one thing or you're not anything at all. I have
to keep telling myself that the reason for all this
happening is going to become apparent to me one day, but I
just don't see it right now. Other than my family, what is
in M'ville for me?????? I don't know, but I can't depress
myself by going on about this..........I really don't feel
like talking about much. *J*