[T]'s Demon World
2003-08-13 09:45:39 (UTC)

Am I a loser or what?

Okay, this isn't my regular diary. This is the diary I come
to when I want to say something that nobody I know is going
to read. Even though nobody is probably reading this, I
still want somebody to tell me what the fuck is wrong with

There's the girl I've talked to online for a loong time,
years now. She's a little younger than me, and into all
that dating stuff. We've got really close during those
years, and we've grown to love eachother.. I used to be in
the spotlight with her, #1. Now this other stupid guy comes
into the picture, and now she supposibly loves *him*.

God this sucks. I'm being selfish, I know that. He's over
there and can offer her things that I can't, and I'm here.
Just a depressed, suicidal loser living in his 1 bedroom
apartment sitting on his computer.

WTF? I just wrote this thing out, and now I'm in editing
mode. I had more than this written and it f'ing erased it.