ramblings of a madwoman
2003-08-13 08:20:53 (UTC)

Hola, I am Diego!

And I just loooooove hairy men!

I haven't written in here since June for God's sake. What
have I been doing?

Not a whole fucking lot actually. I've seen a lot of
movies. Pirates of the Caribbean rocks the asses of
everyone on earth. Everyone. You too. Captain Jack Sparrow
ranks right up there with the greatest film characters of
our generation. Fuck Austin Powers or what have you. Depp

I've been slinging my SLR and digital camera quite a lot in
this sultry summer days. I'm photographing a wedding on
saturday and I'm looking at some potential promo work soon.

I've applied for a job with Anatomic Adornments Body
Piercing as a counterperson, so keep your fingers crossed
for me. I want that job badly.

Going to school on September 2nd at Kwantlen. I'm rather
excited. 5 courses are gonna nail me though, I may need to
drop one of my English courses to give my self a break from
essays. We'll see.

Uhmmm... Hmm... Well, I guess that's it for now, really. If
I feel the need to say anything soon, I'll update again.