I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-08-12 20:26:10 (UTC)

Is It Bad?

I think I'm pretty much an adult. I'm 23 and old enough to
know better in just about every situation. But I have a

I have....acquaintances...former friends really who I
don't see much or talk to often....who, on occasion call
or IM me to shoot the breeze. But these two people annoy

I don't believe half of what one says to me and don't
really care what either one has to say. One is very smart
and would be interesting if we had anything in common, but
we don't. The other is just a big fat liar.

But both continue to find me and decide that it's time for
a minimum of an hour long conversation. I try to be nice
and chat but I can't stand listening for more than 4
minutes and tune out after then.

Should I say something? I feel like I'm hiding...okay, so
I'm hiding from them. I just don't have the time or the
energy to endure whatever bullshit they want to shovel on

So, do I stand up and say "I'm sorry, but we're in
different stages of our lives and I really don't care what
you have to say...ever." Or do I just endure it because
maybe they're lonely and possibly care about my

I have no interest in either of them. What do I do?

~Annoyed in Akron

(yeah, I'm not in Akron, but I was going for the Dear Abby