2003-08-12 19:35:09 (UTC)

Another freaky dream...

I was first in Ms. Hansons class, we didn't audition at
all, but I got the lead in some performance similar to the
odyssey. It was a female noble this time. Atleast at the
begining. I had many lines which I couldn't remember, but I
knew that this is just the first day and eventually I'd
learn the lines using the Meisner method. Then we had to
work on out backstage jobs and ours consisted of I think
the backdrop which eventually became a tunnel on 3 levels
that we had a hard time putting together. It had little
traps here and there, and if you go to the top it wasn't so

It eventually turned into being a stage we were setting up
for Smackdown. Some special match against Brock Lesner, me,
and this other chick. As normal we had the confidence we
could take the opponents. Especially since we built the
stage. There was a delay and I started wondering. I think I
took Brock's car straight out of the arena, and then
straight back when I remembered about the match. When I got
back it was Triple H on our team instead of him, and we had
already lost against some snake opponents. I wanted to beat
them up, you know the Smackdown way. So me being a wussy I
just threw a snake at one of them. That dude (he was kinda
big n scary.) turned around and made me get bit by a few
small ones. His whole family was there. They had some
fetish with snakes. So he takes a small one, he stings
himself with it, he gives it to his son, who seemed 9 or
so, he does the same, and so did his wife. So he does it to
me later. I let him cause otherwise I'd get royally beat
up. He says something like that wasn't enough, I moved a
way or something. Which I did. So he did it again and I
hardly felt anything. My slight fear melted away, and I
knew that these things can't hurt me. Next he told me to
bite one. I told him I'm a vegetarian, no. So I still bit
one off. Showed him my mouth while I was chewing, I guess I
got his respect that way. But I soon put it in my hand and
threw it under the stage, I don't think he saw me.

This was a good dream.


All the world is a stage and we are all actors playing a
part. The trick to figuring out this dream is to try to
find the symbology that will point to your 'performance in
life' and then you will be able to correlate the stage with
any items you see on it and the actions of the actors as
they role play in order to receive the intended message.


A snake, being the ages old symbol of evil or satan, makes
it a bad omen to have one show up in a dream. To see a lone
snake and feel threatened by it shows that you have a bad
enemy that is even then working against you, it also a
warning against bodily harm from an enemy. To dream of many
snakes in a pit is the foreboding of much bad luck in love
or business. Should you overcome and kill a threatening
snake in your dream shows that you will overcome your
adversary and win out.

Maybe the snake means fear of the unknown. I visited The
library of Knowledge and I checked out what satanism is all
about, and it doesn't scare me as much now. I thought off
of what people say that it would be much worse. It's a
little selfish in my point of view, but not that bad.
Before I read about true vampires and I'm still not done
with one website's info. THey have a whole dictionary on
this stuff. So vampires don't scare me anymore.

I've come to a conclusion that things aren't freightening.
They just hurt. If you get scared it is simply the fear of
being hurt. For Death is a release. If anyone is
freightening, that means that they are just unknown, and
hence could be mean (do mean things to you physically), or
yeah. I lost my point but it's somewhere among these lines
atleast. Let's just say it's: I am no longer freightened of
things that go bump in the night. (Atleast certain aspects
of it.) I am only scared of physical pain, ergo, people
being mean. And that can't be judged by anyone unless you
know the person, spirit, or whatever.

Another look could be that I will be an actress, but there
is a major slump in the road that I must undertake and will
come out successfully.