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2003-08-12 15:58:11 (UTC)

the sickness

yes good afternoon my fellow earthlings. i have chosen to
make my diary more interesting, by talking in a very
strange way. it seems to be working so far, and yet i still
have the sense that i am boring the hell out of you. but
anyway, i thank you for attempting to not get annoyed by my
ramblings of nothingness.
anyway, for those of you who are wondering who the hell i
am and why i write such stupid things in here, i have one
thing to say. my name is brittany, and since i dont know
you, i dont care what the hell you think of what i write in
well anyway, readers, i think i am getting a 'brain cramp',
or known to others as 'writers block'. if only i were
intelligent enough to explain to you whats going on inside
of my twisted little mind, but its sort of hard to do when
im so bored that my mind becomes more confusing than ever.
ok, i bet each and every one of you people who attempted at
reading this, are extremely bored. so i will stop typing
and get on with my disturbed, idiotic, boring life.
thank you for your time.