2003-08-12 01:25:24 (UTC)

I think Teresa's in Labor.

I had a dream about her about 2 days ago. It went something
like this:

I wanted to get a job so Arthur said he could help me out.
We ended up in Steinmentz. He was leading me through some
mixed up hallways into what looked like a doctor's office.
It turned out to be some kind of Student Dentist. So I
said, Okay I need to fix my teeth anyway, so she had some
special toothpaste and brushed my teeth for me. They ended
up being sparkly white without any wholes. I felt awesome
about that. So latter we were suppose to go else where. We
got in the car, the Suzuki, mom was with us now. We started
driving and we ended up on this big parking lot by a
street, and the only thing that was at the end of that was
an automechanic shop. I saw this one slightly chubby chick
wearing blue jean overalls and I think it was a red t-shirt
with semi long black hair, leaning over a car's hood. I
thought it was Teresa again.

(NOTE: I've been seeing alot of people lately in real life
that remind me of her. So it's no big deal that I thought
the same in my dream.)

I said Hi Teresa. She turned but it wasn't her. It was some
black chick. I really wanted it to be her though, so I made
my dream change the girl into Teresa. She said she was a
close friend of hers. She started telling me stuff that I
don't remember now, but it did have something to do with
Teresa being okay. She had 4 dogs. 1 was pit bull, another
maybe a small great dane, something similar to a sheep dog
and maybe a chihuhua. They were all nice. We talked.

That dream made me miss Teresa so much more. I really
needed to get a phone card and call her. So I did, this
Sunday at 8 or 9 her time. Nobody answered. I left a
message that I might call tomorrow. I did. About 6 her
time. Same thing, nobody answered.

Mom told me that maybe she's in labor since she was suppose
to be due sometime around now and I'm dreaming of her, with
no one picking up. When I called on Monday it started
hitting me more and more as a possibility. I hope she's
okay. I hope there are no complications. I know the baby
was suppose to be due in September, but my bro's were born
a month early, and I think I heard somewhere that either
first pregnencies are usually early, or their twins. One of

Nevertheless the whole news is freaking me out and I hope I
hear from her soon. I left her a kinda freaked out message,
I didn't know what to say the second time I called so I was
silent and wondering should I say something or should I
tell her about my dream. I just chocked and said dude. I
think she'll know it's me.