Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2003-08-11 23:19:53 (UTC)

Last nite...

Hey this is what I wrote down in my notebook last nite that
I had planned on transferring here but hadn't gotten around
to it till now:

OMG! What a bitch! She fricken tells me I can do all this
shit and then when I ask, she goes and says no and acts
like she never said anything about it. WTF?!?! She REALLY
needs to make up her f*cking mind b4 I go nuts and move out
of here or run away! Then you tell me you can make a copy
of my papers for Kathy. What kind of bitch are you that
won't help out someone that your OWN DAUGHTER loves?? It's
not like its a guy or anything, its my EX-STEP MA!!! My
God! And I'M the one putting YOU in a tough position?!?!
What the f*ck do you think I'm in?? You won't even help me
out! I'm not allowed to see anyone that I actually love and
the people I can't stand, I have to be with all the time.
Just so you f*cking know, as soon as I turn 18, I'm out the
door. No good*bye, no nothing. Hope you're happy. Aren't
you glad you had a daughter like me?? One who sees and
knows and hears everything. Just wait, maby you'll
understand me some day. Actually, I doubt you ever will.
You're too closed minded to see my point of view. You only
see what you wanna see and the rest you just ignore. If I
were like you, I'd be friends with stuck up ppl like Sarah
M. and ppl like that. You know, people that I am NOTHING
like at all. Yeah, I'm nothing like you or Mike. I don't
know how I ever got born from you guyz...

Kim thank you so much for letting me have a place to go, a
place to look forward to, for when I move out. I know I
won't be there for long (like only a few months) but still,
I'm glad someone actually loves me enough to offer me a
place to stay. =)