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2003-08-11 20:14:19 (UTC)


It's been awhile, I know, but I need to finish up the
Boston trip, no? Yes. Onward.

I got up early Tuesday morning and Nicole took me to the
grocery store because that's where I was going to meet my
cousin (first cousin once removed actually. And yes, I
really do know how all that works...the removed and the
second and thirds and etc.). Nicole had class so I got
picked up and it was off to the museums.

First up was the Gardner museum (www.gardenermuseum.org).
My cousin used to be on the board of trustees and we got a
private tour before the place even opened. It was
beautiful. Isabella Gardner loved art and flowers and
combined them. She left her house (which is now the
museum) to the city as a museum and put instructions in
her will that nothing could be changed. So it's exactly
like it was when she lived there. Check out the site, it's
a goodie.

Then we went to the MFA (Museum of Fine Art for those not
in the know) and it was HUGE. They're renovating it too
and it's going to be lovely. My cousin is a trustee at
this museum and we again got special treatment. I love
special treatment *grinning*. It was odd though because
the main exibit hall has my cousin's name on it. They gave
the money for the space. Wow. My cousin is loaded.

Anyways, it would have taken me hours upon hours to see
everything in the gigantic building so my cousin took me
to their favorites. On an aside, I do realize that I'm
using "my cousin" instead of pronouns and being very vague
about them, but they have money and are well known in a
certain circle and I think it's just better this way. End
of aside.

Then my cousin took me to see a church that had been made
into condos but in such a tasteful way. The front of the
church was still intact with the spires and the huge
wooden doors that say CHAPEL and a gorgeous rose window
that I was informed was in somebody's MASTER BEDROOM.

I want a rose window in my master bedroom.

Then we got sandwiches and went to my cousin's house and
saw all their art work there. It was a very nice house and
it had a huge amount of land for being in Boston, but it
was very cold. It was like another museum. As if nobody
lived there.

Then, sadly, it was time for me to depart. My cousin took
me to the local T stop and I got on and headed back to
Nicole's house. I got there and told her about my trip
around Boston and she responded with "I think you need to
take me to the hospital." So I did.

Don't get too worried, she's fine now. She just had a bad
cold and an asthma attack on top of it. But we sat in the
Emergency Room for about six hours. Lots of waiting and
one very mean doctor later, we were released and went to
get food. Then we raced home and caught Queer Eye for the
Stright Guy while I unpacked her apartment some more.

I'm the best friend EVER.