Montana bound
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2003-08-11 11:44:47 (UTC)

Nothing special

Well, tonight was mildly entertaining. I started
watering the lawn pretty late, then Ty, Casey and Mike came
over for a while. We really didn't do much, just hung out
for a while. They went home around 1 AM, and before long
Josiah, Josh, Tyra and Dani came over. That was something
else, that's for sure. While we were all sitting around in
the basement downswtiars, Dani and I were both acting like
rabbits on Viagra, extremely hyper and extremely horny. It
was quite interesting. A lot of talking and shouting and
discussing certain things. At one point, Josiah and I
nearly died laughing when Dani said something about a George
she knows. I honestly could not breathe at times. It was
well worth it, though. That was quite possibly the funniest
thing I've ever heard.

Well, as the night wore on, Tyra and Josh were getting
increasingly active with each other, and it was more than
obvious that Dani and I were wanting each other's company.
Ever since Blake and Wendy, I've been reluctant to leave
friends in my house and go off and make out with a girl, but
they finally talked me into it, so Dani and I went into my
room and. . . . .well, basically, stumbled around in the
dark. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but I'm used to
girls like Jessica, who know what they're doing when it
comes to matters of a sexual nature. While I think Dani
might be good someday, she's got a lot to learn. Josiah,
Andy, I'm going to go a bit into detail here, so if you
don't want to know a very healthy amount of what went on in
that bedroom, skip the next paragraph.

Admittedly, I was coming on to her rather quickly. As
her hands were wrapped around my member, I had my hand down
her pants with one finger sliding in and out of her pussy (I
would have goten more, but they were tight pants, and it was
a slightly awkward position), and was doing my best to
orally please her small breasts. She seemed to be getting
into it rather fully, moaning and breathing so heavilly I
was almost afraid there was something wrong. At this point,
the second brain just kind of took over, and I tried to
slide her pants off, intending to move my oral ministrations
southward. I neglected to mention earlier that I was
already in my boxers. Like I said, inhibitions were in
short supply tonight. Anyway, she stopped me, and that just
kind of ruined it for both of us. After that we still got
close and kissed a bit, but nothing more really, though I
was hoping the whole time she'd start up again. I even
tried the whole time in little ways to arouse her again, but
it just didn't happen. Never thought I'd live to see the
day when a man has a greater sex drive than a woman.

Now I'm just kind of writing it all down to try to
organize my thoughts. I won't lie to anyone, tonight
literally meant next to nothing for me. I hate to admit it,
but I do still have some feelings for Dani, however at this
point in my life I really want only one thing from a girl.
At least, a girl I don't have on possibly having a
relationship with, that is. Dani falls into that category,
so to me it was nothing more than physical gratification.
Long overdue, but only somewhat appreciated, because it was
barely adequate. Dani may have a history with a lot of
guys, but damned if she's done anything with a single one of
them. She told me that what we did tonight was the furthest
she's ever gone. I would imagine some guy feeling her up
and rubbing between her legs was further than she'd ever
gone, and here I was going oral on her, or at least wanting
and trying to. Simply put, she's got a lot to learn. I'd
be happy to teach her, if she's willing and wanting to
learn, but I'm afraid she's not. Besides, she's still got
the "good little Morg girl" idealogy stuck in her head. Who
knows, maybe someday she'll outgrow it, but I doubt it will
be soon. Damn.

That's it, I'm calling Allison tomorrow. I know I
probably lost, but I just might still have a chance, God
damn it! I'll be fucked if I'm giving up until I KNOW I've