No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-08-11 00:38:44 (UTC)

School and such

School is going well. I started last Wednesday. I have
English Honors 3 first period. My teacher is Mr.Ward and
he's really cool. It should be an OK class. There are a lot
of people I know in there. 2nd period I have Anatomy and
Phisiology Honors. I have friends in there and it hasnt
been bad so far. 3rd period I have Geometry. That isnt bad
at all and Jon and Justin are in there with me. 4th period
is French, it has all been fun so far. This half the year
shouldn't be too bad. A lot of people changed, but I think
this year the changes were all for the better. I need to
decided whether I want to do Drill or not. I am in NHS and
I'll probably join French Club. Those are a couple good
things. Things have been busy the past week.
I painted my closet doors and my base boards a dark gray.
My walls are light gray. It looks a LOT better. I like it.
I always hated my wood doors...Im glad they are different
I think that is really all that I've been doing lately.
Terry and I are still together (7 months Friday :D) and
we're doing well.
i'll write next time I get a chance.