Queen Kate

my life in words
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2003-08-10 20:27:23 (UTC)

homeless man

i am lost, there is nobody around, what should i do? there
is nobody for me to go to. no money for me to live. why i
am living anyways? i am scared. the cold biting my feet,
the pain is only there to remind that i am still in this
game. I walk to a destination where is somewhere i don't
know, just to get out of now. the wind soars by my ears
with a stinging sensation and leaves my ear ringing. now
the pain is gone. no longer can i move for i cannot feel. i
am scared and relaxed at the same time, (pleased that i am
like this) my legs are losing balance, and then i hit the
snow the a little plop. my breathing slows, (that is going
on?) my heart stops (i cannot see any more). i can not feel
anymore pain or see pain or make pain. i have become
comfortable num.


many homeless people died each year and there is many in my
home town. it might perk up there day if you give them 5
dollars for food. they might use it to by drugs or bose but
when they are lying on the ground with nothing lefted to
do, and nothing to depend on but death to kill them, they
will think, hey i should have used that money that that kid
gave to do something with my life. and then next time maybe
they will think differently about their choices.