Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-08-10 17:16:05 (UTC)

one last smile...

hes leaving
he is the inspiration in my life
the life to look forward to
hes the greatest person alive
hes why life was worth living
and now i dont have that light
or the reason to many any effort
i dont have the one person i truely cared the most about
the person i imagined my future with
i no longer have the smile that could brighten a stormy day
that smile that gleamed at me day after day
to look at that beautful smile would make my heart melt
the thought of my life without him if tradgically
i love it when he laughs
i love it when he crys
i love every last bone in his body
everyday my love for him grows stronger and stronger
i would give up on life to insure his health and happiness
you can kill me for his sake
just let me see his smile one last time
just let him bat those beautiful eyes at me and tell me
that it will all be ok
with that picture in mind and those words replaying in my
i would know everything would be ok

:'( :/ (literally crying)