2003-08-10 06:14:58 (UTC)

we're nothing like friends

you have no time to lend
and if youre guilt then i'm the shame
and if im hurt then you're the blame
you wash my trace from your skin
then you leave again..

nothing quite like a mouth full of cum from a prick too
stubborn to say i love you.

good news is, ashley's in town! =)
and while i know he wouldnt be happy if i see her, well i
wouldnt be happy if i swallow his load and he cant even say
i love you. so. we can just be unhappy together. oh but
hey. hey hey - we already are!

spent the day with him and his mom. which really hurt my
moms feelings. cus i havent really seen her all week. and
she got all nutty about it and i felt really bad. and then
we watched something about mary. no, ha ha no we didnt go
to rocky. i havent gone in like two months. cus hes a
stubborn prick, remember. and he REFUSES TO DO SOMETHING
THAT I ENJOY. but once we compromised and went to the
movie store to pick out a movie, yes of course we got the
one he wanted. oh yeah. oh yeah baby we're doing great.

its like while he's at taking my cigarettes and the fucking
BOOK im in the middle of reading and keeping me from rocky
he really should just take all my Ani CDs, and my journals
and my hoodie and disconnect my cable so I cant watch
Friends and while he's at it shut down every place that
serves coffee and i dont even know what else whatever i get
my point. fuck it.

im going to do a detox fast. i have a feeling that theres
a lot of chemicals in my body right now. and you know.

tomorrow im guna clean. and monday im going to pay this
stupid piece of shit ticket and get one of those two jobs.
or else im going to blow my brains out.

no haha just kidding i would never do that. i'll just
drive off the fucking bridges after slitting my fucking
wrists open. and then we'll see just who fucked who up.