Nick's Journal
2003-08-09 06:24:29 (UTC)

The crazy hedonisms of summer

basically i hedonistically don't do shit. if that can be
defined as hedonism. this is what my day consists of :
get up around 8-11 am (anywhere in that time)
scald myself with the god damn shower (for some reason i
can't control the temperature)
go to the coffee shop to read.....and scald myself with
come home, and for some god forsaken disillusioned reason
turn on the t.v. hoping like a boston red sox fan that i
won't be disappointed (again).
finally get pissed at the fact that the t.v. sucks, and
that i'm sick of reading, then go to play magic online
(the server is up.....somewhat).
after an hour i realize that beating nerds at an online
card game doesn't quite give you the same adrenaline rush
as stealing a porsche boxster and taking it for a joyride,
and then get pissed at the fact that i wasted my time a)
watching t.v. and b) playing magic.
stumble out to starbucks
meet dave
contemplate alcohol consumption at the pool hall
inevitably decide it's a good idea.
that's it folks!
but waht really gets me are the people in the pool hall
(i'm sure i've already journaled about them), but
seriously. it's just crazy. there's this one chick that
has about 3 hairs (no kidding) on her head, and she
basically looks like the nagasaki bomb was dropped
directly on her mother.....while she was giving birth to
her. then there are the "good ole girls", who are
basically land monstrosities.
one girl was wearing a tank top and her fat rolled over
the top of it, it's like she was a marshmallow stuffed
into a tube too small for her.
then there was this girl that was so fat she sat on a bar
stool with her legs pratically spread-eagle, and yet the
flabs of her thighs hid her sacred area.
well it's not like the people in the coffee shop(s) are so
much better. there's always loud talking lady who for some
inexplicable reason has to scream all that she has to
say. then there's always the studious arab, and the ever-
so-studious maxim reader. my favorite are the "bad-asses"
that buy those low-rider magazines, they seem to do
everything with a sneer. defense mechanism!
anyhow i would love to write more about shit i've done but
i basically don't contribute to society and just live on
other people's hard work, geez, now i know what welfare
feels like.......well, minus the ignominy.