2003-08-09 02:04:55 (UTC)

The Real Thing

Its been over a year now and still we are apart never to be
rejoined again...this one is for you SSG from a Hime that
has finally let go...

Its been a long time, since I felt real good.
You know the way from which love should.
The guy stole my heart, never even saying goodbye.
I still find myself wondering, and asking why?
Ive tried letting go, to help me move on.
I just cant accept the fact that you're really gone.
You think in time, it would ease the pain.
Why it hurts so much, I can't ever explain.
Will I ever have closure, to this open book?
You gave me love, not one day goes by,
when you dont cross my mind, whatever you are searching for,
I hope you'll find.
Our love is in limbo.
Until one falls again.
See when I lost you, I lost my forever friend.