enter my train of thought
2003-08-08 18:58:19 (UTC)

why hello there

ì know, i know, i havent updated in like two weeks. but,
you know how it is.... its summer. im a slacker. what else
can i say? so... lets see. whats been happening since i got
back from workcamp. well, last saturday night my family
(except for lauren, who is never with us anyway so she
doesnt count) went to a richmond braves game. which is
always cool, me being the baseball obsessed person that i
am. except i spent $3 ( complete rip off) on dip and dots
and then promptly dropped it when i went to buy my dad a
drink. i was so upset at myself... but then im like ok anna
you're really not supposed to eat ice cream anyway, seeing
as how you're lactose intolerant.... so i suppose it was
for the best. and then it rained reaaaaaalllllly really
hard on the way home, and my daddy couldnt see the road
cause of all the rain, and i thought we were all gonna die.
but obviously we made it. it was scary though. so lets see
what else.

oh yeah, i got my license... ummmm last monday. july 28th.
geez, have i really not updated in that long? hmmm... well
so i've been driving around alot lately. its great fun. i
enjoy it.

so lauren got her laptop for college a couple days ago, and
since she got it we've been playing pinball like non-stop.
too bad i had the high score til ryan had to be a butthead
and beat it! haha so my dad's like im sure glad we got that
1000 dollar computer so ya'll could play games on it...

oh yeah and then yesterday we got our new sound system. our
old old stereo thingy died, so we had to do something about
that. so now we're using our dvd player as a cd player too,
and then we got a spiffy new receiver, a new turntable
(cause we have lots of records still) and spiffy new
speakers so now i can blast barenaked ladies all over the
downstairs, which im doing as we speak! well, not as we
speak, obviously, cause im typing and you're reading, but
you know what i mean.

oh yeah, so soon im gonna have some money! ryan's family is
going to the beach next week, and laurens going with them,
so ryans parents need someone to water their plants and
feed their birds and the fish while their gone! and guess
who they asked! yours truly! i was so honored... anyway, so
i get to do that next week and hes paying me $10 a day! how
cool is that! and i think its gonna be four or five days..
wahoo! money! and next week is vacation bible school,
too..... so i get to go be a crew leader and drive
elizabeth around since no one else will be here. fun times.
i think i should get payed for that too!

well my family's leaving in about 2 and a half hours to go
to northern va to see my grandparents, and then its off to
gettysburg. we're going there with james and my aunt, cause
ya know james is from england and everything and hes
interested in all the civil war stuff so.... good times.
so i gotta go....

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