D'Arc Tangent

2003-08-08 15:41:27 (UTC)

Incubus: A Muffy Story

A Muffy Story
D'Arc Tangent

The candles formed the five points of the pentagram
surrounding Amanda, casting flickers across her white skin
and playing with the checkered moonlight coming through the
lattice window.

As she spoke her incantation, her breasts heaved, firm,
round, and the cold night air made them erect, and hard.
As she closed the spell, her will was released into the
void. The wind whipped through the old house, and snuffed
out the candles, so that only the moonlight played across
her naked flesh now.

Amanda stood up, her long blonde hair flowing down her bare
back, the lattice shadows playing across the silvery bush
as she gathered up her candles. "Another failure." she
thought to herself, and her ice blue eyes narrowed as they
passed through the moonlight. She picked up her robe,
dressed, and pulled the hood over her head then slowly
descended the stairs of her house as the shadow in her
sanctuary slipped through the window into the night.

Muffy was pressed against the wall. Hands; strong hands,
caressed her breasts. The fingers grasping, cold, and she
could feel him enter her. She could feel him going deep
and hard, and fast until he exploded, literally, into a
cloud of dust.

"Really, do you people still fall for the half naked damsel
walking the streets at night shtick?" she said to pile of
vampire dust on the ground as she slid her hips into the
leather mini skirt.

As Muffy entered the house, Maple and Terra were at the
kitchen table. "Slow night?" Maple asked, peer up from her

"Just one, not even any good, just, wham, bam, thank...
well, not even a thank you ma'am, just POOF, and he's
dust. I'm going to take a shower." and Muffy headed

The water caressed her. Its rivulets ran across her skin,
over the firmness of her breasts, and dripped off her hard,
pink nipples. It was hot, and steamy, and it felt so
good. Muffy ran her hands over her breasts, down her sides
to her hips, looking down, admiring her figure when
suddenly a dark shape formed between her feet. Muffy
stepped back, ready to strike whatever was coming up from
beneath her, when Maple's form appeared before her.

"Christ Maple, I coulda killed you!" she said.

"Nya-huh," Maple said, "I'm non-corporeal," she
smiled, "like a ghost. Way cool, eh?"

Muffy ran her hands back and forth through the astral form
of her best friend.

"Wicked." she smiled. "So are you still downstairs?"

"Uh-huh, and actually talking with Terra right now." then,
whispering, "She doesn't know I am here." and she smiled
her wicked little 'I got a secret' smile.

"I am happy for you Maple, really, "Muffy said, "but maybe
I can finish my shower...ALONE?"

Maple gave Muffy the once over, and smiled, "Too bad you
don't swing left sweetie." and she dropped back down
through the shower floor.

Muffy stepped out of the shower, and towel dried her hair,
then walked down the hall to her bedroom. Her window was
open and there was a cool summer breeze blowing that felt
good against her naked skin. She stood by the window,
drapes open, and raised her arms to the air, feeling it
wash over her like a wave. Staring up at the night sky,
she thought she saw something move, like a shadow over the
sky, but it was gone as quickly as it came, and Muffy just
turned and gave it no more thought.

Muffy slept, basking in the pale glow of the moon, as a
shadow formed over her lithe form. Black ribbons cut
across her naked flesh as the moonlight created a canvas of
hills and valleys over supple breasts and hard nipples
eventually swallowed whole by the all-consuming shadow that
grew over her body. Like some ethereal hand, the fingers
of shadow closed over mouth, covering her in total
darkness. Muffy writhed under the weightless phantasm that
covered her as if in the throes of desire. Her heart
started racing, her breathing ragged, her body pocked with
goosebumps and her hardened nipples screamed at the touch
of the night air even as her legs parted to allow this
mysterious force enter her freely. She could feel the
coldness claw its way into the hot, wet places between her
legs, forcing itself ever deeper in her until she could
bare it no more.

Muffy sat up, gasping, her heart pounding in her brain, as
she looked around the empty room. The only shadows she
could see where cast by the moonlight still shining in
through her window. She felt herself between her legs.
Wet. Sticky. but she did not feel violated. "Was it a
dream?" she thought, "Just an erotic, wet dream?" She felt
calm now, more sedate, but awake. No longer being able to
sleep, Muffy decided to go to the kitchen and make some tea.

In the kitchen, Terra was just pouring herself a cup of
chamomile tea. As Muffy entered the room, Terra raised the
pot to her, and cocked her head.

"Please," Muffy said, "thanks."

Terra fetched another cup, and poured some tea for Muffy.
Setting both cups on the table, Terra took a seat next to
Muffy. "Spill." she said.

"It's nothing," Muffy said, "just a dream."

"You and I both know that nothing is 'just a dream' when it
comes to one of us. If it was, you would not be down here
at two in the morning."

"There was a shadow. It attacked me. It fucked me while I
was sleeping. It felt real, but when I awoke, there was
nothing there. It didn't FEEL like I was attacked,
physically, it was just a dream."

"Maybe it wasn't a dream." Terra said.

"What else could it be? There was nothing in my room. I
awoke as soon as it entered me. No monster could move that
fast. As soon as I awoke it was gone, as if it wasn't even

"There is something," Terra started, and as she spoke, she
held her hand as if there was a book in it, and instantly a
book flew from the library into her hand. "Here," she said,
opening the book on demonology, "an Incubus. It is a minor
demon that attempts sexual assaults on the living."

"But if this was a demon, wouldn't it be corporeal?"

"Not if it was incompletely summoned. If a low level witch
tried to cast a summoning spell, the Incubus could have
used that portal to enter, but if the portal was closed
before the demon completely entered, then it would be a
shadow until it could finish the summoning."

Suddenly there was creak coming from the living room.
Terra snapped the book shut as Muffy sprang to her feet
ready to fight as Maple came into the room.

"Waaay too much coffee in your diet Muffy." she said.

"Sorry Maple," Muffy said, "not a good sleep."

"I understand. I don't sleep well when Terra is with me
either." she winked at her friend, who blushed, and turned

"It's not that," Muffy said, "I had a dream. Terra thinks
it might be an Incubus."

"Serious grumblies," Maple said, "What should we do?"

"I think we should just go to bed, and get a fresh start in
the morning." Terra said.

"I agree," Muffy replied, "but..." and she looked at the
two, "C'mon," Maple said, holding her hands out, "We'll be
the protectors tonight." and the three of them went
upstairs to bed.

Muffy woke to the morning sun. It was warm and comfortable
in this bed. Maple was on one side, pressed tight against
Muffy, her body pressed against Muffy's back, her arms over
her side. Terra was on the other side of Muffy, facing her,
her ample breasts pressed against Muffy's, and her arms
stretched over to reach Maple's, and there was Muffy, the
meat in this fleshy little sandwich, and although she was
straight, she felt safe, and loved, snuggled between these
two lovers. As safe and warm as she felt, there was a
demon out there, and an untried witch wreaking havoc she
was unaware of, and the smell of breakfast cooking was more
than she could handle. Unwrapping herself from the tangle
of flesh, she made her way downstairs where Alex was making
omelets and bacon. Muffy entered the kitchen, stretching
and yawning, her firm breasts stretched across her body as
she approached the table.

"Christ's sakes Muffy, can't you ever come downstairs in a
housecoat?" Alex said.

"Why?" she yawned as she sat in the chair, "There are only
us three girls living here."

"But I'm here making you breakfast, like I do every
morning, and I am neither a girl, nor gay, and seeing you
ladies like this is more than little Alex can take some

"But you have known us forever, so we know you won't try

"What if I did? What if I let my masculine passions take
over and I made a grab for you?"

"I'd break your arm, or Maple would turn you into a frog...
or maybe into a woman, so you wouldn't want to grab us
anymore." she smiled at him.

"Still, it is just rude of you to be walking around with
those breasts all round and firm and your legs all muscular
and that soft downy bush and..."



"Your eggs are burning."

"Shit. See what you did!" Alex said as he slid the
smoldering omelet into the sink. "You, my dear, are a

"Point taken," Muffy said, as she stretched, and stood.
She turned to leave the kitchen, stopped, and arched her
back, her hands over her head, "but let me work out some of
these kinks," she said, as she bent forward, her ass a near
perfect circle atop two long, toned legs.

"Get thee to a nunnery!" Alex shouted.

"Bacon?" Muffy said.

"Shakespeare, I'm studying Elizabethan plays."

"No, is that bacon I smell burning?"

"Shit!" Alex screamed, as he reached for the pan, "Get
outta my kitchen!" and Muffy ran upstairs. Upstairs, she
ran into Terra just coming out of the bedroom.

"Thanks for last night." Muffy said, as she hugged the
young witch, her cheek resting on the woman's chest. Terra
stroked Muffy's hair, and kissed her head.

"Anytime sweetie." She said, then went to the shower as
Muffy entered the bedroom.

"Alex making breakfast?" Maple asked.

"Uh-huh," Muffy said, "but he's in a mood."

"What's eating him this time? I know it isn't me."

"You have to stop tormenting him dear, "Muffy said, "but
no, he has this whole hang-up about being a straight man in
a house full of naked women and he can't touch us."

"If he did, you'd break his arm, or I'd turn him into a



"I said you would turn him into a toad, or a woman."

"Hmmm, "Maple said, "That would solve everything, wouldn't

"No!" Muffy commanded, "You have Terra now, no playing with

"Pout," Maple said, as she stuck out her bottom lip.

"Anyway," Muffy interrupted, "I have to see Miles. Maybe
the incubus left something in me. I wasn't expecting to
need him so soon, but it is better safe than sorry."

"That and the accent turns you on."

"Jeeze, Maple, the man is like a hundred..."


"Hundred and thirty..."

"No, just thirty dear, and he is attractive, and you do not
have anyone..."

"Right, like I can find anyone. Oh? And what do you do
for a living? I have sex with vampires... wanna screw?"

"Still, you have a thing for older men, but if not, why not

"He's studying Elizabethan Playwrights."



"Alright so he is not the manliest guy around, but he
cooks, he cleans, he..."

"Studies Elizabethan Playwrights,"

"I get it, not your guy but sweetie, you don't dig the Lez
scene, you don't dig the old guy you don't dig the cook, we
won't even get into the vampires and demons since we know
what happens there, but if you don't find someone, you are
going go nuts."

"Maybe the Incubus? Or the witch that summoned it? maybe
it's a guy witch? maybe a hot guy witch with magical
sexual powers and...I am going to die alone, aren't I?"

"Last night was good."

"I am going to die alone."

Terra poked her head into the room.

"Alex is making omelets!" She squealed.

"Put some clothes on. He's in a mood." Muffy shouted as
Terra dashed down the hall.

Muffy and Maple headed downstairs to find Alex and terra
seated at the table, enjoying breakfast.

"Didn't burn this one?" Muffy jabbed.

"Didn't have any distractions this time." he said.

"So, what's our game plan today? How do we track this
renegade witch summoning demons?" Muffy started, when the
front door burst open and a young, blonde woman ran in.

"You gotta stop it!" she screamed as she ran towards the

Alex grabbed her to calm her down as Muffy jumped to her

"Stop what?"

"I don't know." she cried, hugging Alex, "Some sort of
shadow chasing me."

"How come they are not all this easy?" Muffy said, "This
shadow, did it... do anything to you?"

Amanda sat in a chair, Alex stroking her hair from her
eyes, as she sobbed softly, "No, it just... it wanted me to
do something. It kept saying 'finish it', but finish what?"

"It is an evil spirit," Maple said, "It was partially
brought over during a summoning spell, and it needs you to
finish it."

"But I wasn't summoning a demon, I was trying to find my

"What spell were you using?"

"Divine Light. It's supposed to..."

"create a light map showing where the object is." Maple
finished. "That's a summoning spell. It summons a seeker
from the other realm to find the object. Amateurs. Why
don't you just use a fucking mirror?"

"Mirror?" Amanda said.

"For scrying. Are you teaching yourself?"

"Uh-huh," she sobbed.

"Listen, honey," Maple said, you want to be a witch, learn
from a witch. Unless you are doing REALLY easy stuff, self
teaching is NOT the way to go."

"But what am I going to do? Should I finish the spell?"

"NO!" Muffy, Maple, Terra and Alex all scream in unison.

"Christ, no, we gotta stop it. Right now, it is not fully
formed, which means we have a chance."

"So, where do I find it, and how do I kill it?" Muffy said,
heading towards the stairs.

"You don't." Maple said, "I do."

"No, sweetie, it is too dangerous." Terra pleaded.

"Terra's right," Muffy said, "It is too dangerous."

"This creature is not fully formed yet. It needs to be
confronted on the astral plane. Can you travel astrally

"Is there anything I can do on this end?"

"Just be here. Terra knows what to do if I get into any
trouble, but mainly, it will be me convulsing on the floor,
you will have no idea what is happening, or how to stop
it. If I get into trouble, Terra will bring me back."

"Is there anything I can do?" Amanda asked.

"Not yet. I need to rest, so I won't be able to do this

"But doesn't that leave the Incubus roaming free to attack
people?" Muffy asked.

"No, low level demons like Incubus cannot operate
effectively in the day. Chances are, it is holed up
somewhere dark, waiting for night. Is there anything we
can do for you, miss?" Maple asked Amanda.

"I can use a bath to relax." she said.

"Maybe some eucalyptus, a little mint..." Alex started.

"Sweetie, you remembered!" Maple said.

"Remembered what?" Terra said.

"When we were kids, Alex used to make that essential oil
mixture for me when I was exhausted. Yes, sweetie, you get
everything ready."

Alex took Amanda upstairs, and began drawing the bath.
Like a chef, he added oils to the water, sniffing until the
right level was obtained as Amanda stood next to him,

"You are very good at this." She said. The redhead is
lucky to have you as a boyfriend.

"I'm not her boyfriend... Terra is... her girlfriend.
She's gay, I'm not. We just go back a bit."

"Oh?" Amanda said, "So you have a girlfriend elsewhere?"

"If she is, I don't know where." he said, "There, all done."

"Maybe," Amanda said, as she began to undo her shirt, "she
is closer than you know."

Amanda opened her shirt, revealing a perfectly formed pair
of breasts held in a tight binding of cotton and elastic.
Her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders as she slid
her pants down to her ankles. Alex approached her, pushing
her hair back over her shoulders as he reached behind to
undo the bra. he pulled it slowly to the front, releasing
her soft white flesh to the air. he dropped the bra to the
floor, then pulled her panties down, slowly, caressing her
legs on the way down, kissing her ankles as she lifted each
one to slide them out. Once she was completely naked, he
lifted her in his arms, and lowered her gently into the hot

"You rest," he said, "I have to do the dishes. I will come
back to check on you."

"Thank you Alex." she said, and closed her eyes, and let
the scents take over her.

Amanda slid into sleep as the scented water flowed over
her. All the horrors that had chased her to this place
began to drift away. As darkness swept over her, she
thought she heard voices, and when she opened her eyes
again, Alex was standing over her, looking down at her
naked body.

"You do have a wonderful body," he said.

"You don't think I am too fat?" she said as she allowed her
body to rise to the surface, exposing her round breasts,
stomach, the soft, silvery hairs and the strong thighs that
slid back under the water.

"Not at all," Alex said, "in fact, from here, I cannot see
anything wrong with your body."

"Maybe you are not looking hard enough," Amanda said, "come
a little closer."

Alex leaned closer to her, and Amanda reached up, wrapped
her arms around his neck, and drew him closer to her, her
mouth covering his, their tongues exploring each other
before she pulled him into the bath with her. Water
splashed over the side as Alex sat up, his knees straddling
Amanda's legs, and pulled his shirt off, throwing it to the
floor. Amanda reached up and unzipped his pants, pulling
them down over his hips. Alex stood up, balancing himself
against the wall as he tried to remove his pants, then
gently lowered himself onto Amanda, his cock sliding into
the wet hole between her legs, as his hands slid along her
sides upwards to caress her breasts. Slowly he entered
her, thrusting his body rising and falling, the tidal wave
of water spilling more and more over the edge of the tub.
Amanda's mouth sought his, their tongues searching, her
hands grasping his ass, pulling him deeper into her as his
pace quickened, the water splashing, soaking the mat,
covering the floor until Amanda could not take it anymore
and she screamed in ecstasy.

Alex rushed into the bathroom.

"What's the matter!" he shouted, and Amanda looked around
the bathroom. Alex was still dressed.

"Nothing," she said, "just a dream. I must have fallen
asleep. It's O.K."

"I should let you get back to your bath then." Alex said,
and began to turn.

"No! Please, stay," she said, "I... I can use the company.

Muffy knocked on Mile's door.

"Muffy," he said, "is everything alright? I thought you
wouldn't be needing me today."

"I thought so as well, but last night, I was visited by
what Terra thinks might have been an Incubus. I just need
to make sure things are alright."

"By all mean, please, come in, and we can make sure."

Muffy heard the heavy oak door close behind her, and she
looked around the house. It somehow smelled English. She
could not define it. It wasn't like it smelled of
lavender, or it smelled of tea, or it smelled of anything
specific, but when she closed her eyes, she felt she was in
England, and she felt comforted. Walking down the hallway,
past mirrors in dark, wooden frames, pictures of horses and
hunters, and yellow candles, she entered the sanctum where
her watcher cleansed her of the evils she faced in her role
as the layer. The room was dark, with heavy velvet
curtains, mahogany chairs, and a deep red Persian rug.
There were candles in tall, black, cast-iron candle
holders, and despite there being many candles, the room was
still very dark, very quiet, very restful.

Miles rested his hands on Muffy's shoulders, feeling the
strong muscles through the thin white top, and his eyes
looked her over. From the deep blue of her eyes, to the
full redness of her lips, the curve of her throat, her
round breasts, the tight stomach peeking out from under a
shirt he still thinks is too small, despite her assurance
it is the right size, down the leather mini skirt hugging
her hips like black, wet, paint, down her long, sensuous
legs, well muscled, toned, tanned, perfect, to the tips of
the, as she puts it, kitschy little strapped sandals. In
all his years he has never met a woman who was equally
seductive, and yet still possessed an innocence that belied
her occupation.

"I do not sense anything, are you sure you need to do this?"

"I am not sure of anything. Normally, it's a no brainer.
One vamp last night is nothing. I've done five in one
night, but I have never felt anything like this demon."

"Did it physically attack you?"

"No. Terra thinks it did not fully cross over, and the
witch who accidentally brought it over said it wants her to
finish it, so..."

"You actually have the summoner at your house?"

"Well, I would not exactly call her a 'summoner', more like
an amateur who made a mistake."

"Bloody Hell!" Miles said, "Any kid picking up a copy of
Sybil Leek thinks she's a bloody witch. Anyway, finish."

"She came to us this morning, said it came to her last
night, and told her to finish it. She did not know what
the creature meant, so she came to us, and that was when we
did the math and figured out what was going on."

"And what exactly is going on?"

"Near as Maple has it figured, the creature is still non-
corporeal, so she is going to fight it astrally."

"Oh dear. I hope she knows what she is doing."

"Terra will be there, watching over her, and me, Amanda,
and Alex will be around, just to be sure. Care to come?
Bring popcorn?"

"I think it would be prudent that I do."

"And you should always be prudent, shouldn't you." Muffy
mocked him. "Now, what about me?"

Miles slid his robe off. His body was lithe, toned, and
totally belied his bookish looks. He may be a scholar, but
he kept fit. Muffy watched as the silk slid off his arms,
and followed it to the floor, her eyes exploring every inch
of his body before she saw him move closer to her and her
heart began to race. Miles hands touched her hips, and
fire burned through her soul. She felt his strong grip on
her waist, felt the gentle fingers as they lifted her top
up, sliding slowly up her sides, lifting her arms over her
head, pulling the loose fabric over her head, and when she
finally peeked out from the halter, the first image she saw
was the rugged, bespectacled face of her watcher. His
hands slid down her arms even as she lowered them, then she
could feel him reaching behind her even as he closed the
distance. His fingers were deft at undoing the clasp of
her bra, a maneuver he has made more times than she can
remember, and within moment, the cool air of his home was
brushing over the hard, pointy nipples of her breasts.
Next she could feel him moving down her back to the skirt
she wore, pulling down the zipper, and allowing the leather
to slide to her ankles exposing her completely to his
studious gaze. His eyes were intense as he scanned every
inch of her exposed flesh. Every curve, every line, every
possibility was examined in the eternity that he spent
looking her over before he picked her up in his arms, and
carried her to the bed.

The cool silk sheet were a deep purple. She loved this
place. She knew it was just for her. Miles did not sleep
here. This was for the two of them, to conduct their
rituals, the cleansing their souls, and here, Muffy felt
safer than she had ever been. Miles straddled her. Toned
and tanned legs rested on either side of her hips as he
lowered himself to her. Muffy's legs parted, waiting,
wanting, expecting the slow, easy thrust into her. Feeling
all of him in her, feeling safe. Like a knife through
butter, he slid into her and Muffy gasped at the pleasure
she felt. Miles was conscientious, methodical, so like a
scholar. By the book. Perfect. She felt him slide into
her deep, then pull back, then deep, over and over, in his
easy sort of fashion that gave her the relaxed feelings she
needed. She could feel him growing as he continued his
slow thrusts, feeling him getting harder, longer, feel him
entering her soul before he finally exploded, and her whole
body glowed with the feeling.

Miles began to sit back on his heels when Muffy reached up,
her long, strong arms wrapping themselves around Mile's
neck and she pulled him down on top of her again and kissed
him. Her mouth was hot and hungry, and she needed him.
For a moment, he reciprocated. His mouth just as hungry,
just as needy, just as wanting, and he kissed her with such
passion that Muffy gasped for breath, giving Miles the time
to realize what he had just done, what they, had just done.

"Christ!" Miles said, almost leaping from the bed.

"What is it Miles?" Muffy asked, "What is wrong?"

"What is wrong?" he was almost yelling, "THIS! This is
wrong. We can't do this Muffy."

"What? Have sex? That is what we do. You are my watcher,
you are supposed to do this."

"You know that is not what I meant. We can't

"But we are, and have been. It's your job."

"No, it is my job to just cleanse your aura. There has to
be a disconnected quality. We can't
have...romantic...feelings for each other."

"Puh-Leese. My life is in your hands. You have any idea
how close that makes us? We have sex almost every day.
You have touched me deeper than any person can ever, and
now you are saying it is just sex?"

"What about the vampires?"

"What about them?"

"You have sex with them. Do you have feelings for them as

"Right, like I care about a bunch of undead rapists."

"Exactly. You do what you have to do, because it is your
job. You do not have any emotional attachment to them.
You just do the job. That is all I am doing, my job."

"Is that all I am to you, a job?" Muffy pouted, then,
grinning, she stretched her arms over her head, and arched
her back so her breasts were most prominent.

"Stop that." Miles said.

"Stop what?" she smiled back, as she leaned forward on all
fours, licking her lips and staring straight at Miles.

"I am getting dressed now." Miles scolded.

"I'm sorry, give me a kiss, and be friends?"

As Muffy leaned forward on her hands for Miles to kiss the
top of her head, she grabbed him about the waste and took
his cock fully in her mouth, holding him tight as she
sucked. Miles started to fight, but soon the erotic waves
of pleasure ran through him and he gripped Muffy by the
head, holding her to him as she continued to massage his
manhood with her tongue until finally his knees buckled
from the pleasure, and as he dropped to the floor, Muffy
sat back up and said, "You're right, let's just be
friends." and stepped over his quivering body and slid into
the tight leather skirt and halter top.

"I truly believe you have been touched by evil." Miles
managed to groan out while laying on the floor.

Muffy straddled Miles' head so he could straight up her
skirt, looked down at said, "You wish. C'mon, we should be
back at the house soon."

That night, Maple sat in the middle of a circle made up of
Muffy, Amanda, Alex and Miles, with Terra sitting across
from her, holding her hands. The circle did not need to
participate in the ritual, only be there should there be a
problem, and to supply physical support should a
disturbance occur, since Maple would be too deep in trance
to do anything, and Terra was required to anchor her to
this plane. The two witches sat naked across from each
other, hand in hand, looking deep into each others eyes,
passing thoughts that only they shared as Maple prepared
for the most taxing journey of her life. Soon, her
breathing became slow, her breasts heaving only slightly
until it was as if they were not moving at all. Her heart
almost completely stopped, and she sat there, eyes wide but
blank, now, just a body, her soul moving higher through the
planes until it reached the astral plane.

"What are you doing here bitch!" the voice was cold inside
Maple's head.

Maple looked around the cold, gray void that was the astral
plane. There was no ground, no sky, no up or down, just an
all consuming and perpetual gray, and as she spun around,
she saw the dark shape, like a man-shaped ink blot,
floating toward her.

"I have come to destroy you demon." she called out, her
voice full and strong and sure.

"And what makes such a puny mortal think she can defeat
me?" the creature commanded.

"I guess word of my power has not yet reached someone as
insignificant as you, but if you were a higher level demon,
you would not be so bold before me."

"Bold words for a mortal." the demon fought back, "but I am
netherspawn. You cannot defeat me. I shall take my
pleasure of your soul, then I shall follow you back to you
body, and reek my power over your pathetic little planet."
and with blinding speed the demon was upon her. His
fingers pressed cold against her flesh, and his mouth was a
vortex closing over hers, sucking her very life. Maple
struggled, her hands grasping the thing by its throat,
pushing it on its back as she mounted the dark shape. She
could feel his icy appendage enter her, thrusting itself
deep inside her and she rode the demon like a bull. Her
muscles massaged him into a frenzy. he could no longer
control the impulses building inside him. The demon fought
to be free, but Maple held him down, pressing her breasts
against his chest, closing her mouth over his, and sucking
his life into her until the only thing left was a faint
scream that faded slowly into the ether.

Maple stood up in the ether, panting from the exertion,
then slowly began to calm herself. Soon, she saw the small
light that was Terra, beaconing her to follow. As she
opened her eyes, Maple saw the face of her lover staring
back at her, Terra's eyes moist with the tears of joy that
her lover was back and safe.

"Wow," Maple said, "That was..."

"Uh-huh." Muffy said, "I can imagine. I mean, I know what
it is like for me, but non-corporeal? Wow."

Terra looked at Maple, and the concern on her face was
impossible to hide.

"Don't worry baby," she said, kissing Terra deeply on the
mouth, "I don't think there should be anything wrong with
me, right Miles?" she turned to the watcher, "I mean, we
were both astral, nothing physical, right?"

"There are not a whole lot of precedents concerning mortals
and demons cavorting on the astral plane, but if you would
like, we can try a cleansing ritual."

"I would like Terra there, if that is alright." Maple said.

"Terra?" Miles said, turning to the young witch, "Is that
alright with you?"

Terra nodded, and followed the two up to the witch's

"Where are they going?" Amanda asked.

"whenever you encounter evil in this fashion," Alex
explained, "It leaves a residue of evil on you. Now
people, like that Layer here," Muffy raised her hand,
smiling, "Have a natural resistance to it, but if she lays
enough vamps, she can become sick from the evil buildup.
The Watchers act like a spiritual scrub brush. Their semen
cleanses the soul of the evil. Muffy might not have needed
the cleansing right away, but Maple is not the layer. She
is just a mortal, like you and me, so to be safe, Miles is
going to cleanse her."

"Maybe you can show me how it is done." Amanda asked Alex,
as she took his hand and started moving to the stairs.

"I'm not a watcher. I'm just..." and as he realized what
she was suggesting, shut up and followed her.

"Right." Muffy said to herself, "Alone...again."

Upstairs, Miles stood before the naked body of the brave
you witch. He could see she was nervous. "I know this is
not the way you usually do things, maple," he comforted
her, "so if you feel better about it, we can do this

Maple nodded, and knelt before the Watcher. Terra moved
behind him, pressing her naked flesh against his back, as
Maple undid his pants, pulling them down and exposing his
cock. Terra then took the expanding appendage in her
hands, and her touch was gentle, and warm, and she stroked
it very caringly as Maple licked around the ever-reddening
head. Miles' legs began to tense, and he reached behind
him, grasping terra's ass, pulling her into him, his
fingers digging into her flesh as she continued to massage
his cock, and maple continued to suck softly, her tongue
racking across the crack until she could feel the spasms
starting. As if they knew each other's thoughts, Terra
stopped the massaging as Maple took the whole cock in her
mouth, feeling the hot liquid explode into her, warming her
all over until she felt alive and rejuvenated. Miles
dropped to his knees, his heart racing, then she fell back
sitting on his feet as Terra moved around him to her lover.

Maple stood, helped up by the caring hands of Terra, and
they embraced, kissing passionately, their hands exploring
each other, finding all those soft, special places,
caressing each other before they slowly slipped to the
floor before the Watcher, and lost themselves in their

Next door, in the guest room, Alex was undoing Amanda's
shirt. She took the opportunity to have slipped into a
ruffled blouse and Capri's, and she looked especially hot.
The buttons came loose quickly under Alex's fingers, and
soon, her round, pale breasts were exposed, except where
they were covered by the lace bra. As Alex reached around
her to undo the strap, she worked the belt on his pants,
then the button, the zipper, and as he pulled back from
her, releasing her bosoms to the air, his pants slid down
his muscled legs to his ankles. As Alex began to kneel
before the apprentice witch, she pulled his t-shirt over
his head while Alex undid her pants, pulling the tight
pants over her hips, his fingers clipping the black thong
underneath and pulling both down to her knees before his
arms were lifted in the air by Amanda removing his shirt.

He stood up, his eyes almost equal to hers, and his
questing mouth met hers in a wet embrace. He pulled her to
him, arms strong and tight gripped her body like a vise,
and she, in turn, grasped his buttocks, fingernails digging
into flesh, pulling his manhood into her as she slowly
began to massage him with her wet cunt. He reached down,
grasping her ass in his hands, and lifted her onto his hard
cock, and slowly slid her deeper onto his manhood as she
grasped his shoulders for support. In slow rhythms Alex
massaged himself with Amanda, lifting her, and lowering her
as he thrusted deep inside her, his pace quickening his
legs bending and lifting the augment his thrusts until he
exploded inside her sending gasps from her throat as she
lowered her feet to the floor.

"My god that was great," Amanda said as she reached for the
bed to steady herself. "Give me a moment to get my feet
underneath me before we join the rest."

Alex sat next to her, stroking her hair, and looking around
for their clothes. After they had gotten dressed, and
entered the hallway, Miles and the two girls were coming
out of the bedroom themselves.

"I think our job here is done." Miles said.

"Mmm-hmmm." Amanda said, squeezing Alex's hand as they went