2003-08-08 08:22:48 (UTC)

men and women

i was thinking earlier today, that mabye girls make boys
soft. well, obviously they do, women make men softer. they
make them not throw meat at joggers at 3am, make them not
oogle strippers every weekend, make them not sleep around,
make them not get into fights... make them not fuck up
their lives and toss responsibility out the window...
however you would like to interpret that. and men, being
softer, just resent the women. its not how they want to be.
they dont want to be raising babies. they dont want to stop
fucking around. maybe men dont know what they want as much
as women dont know what they want.
i was trying to explain to rico and mike tonight, that a
woman, even if she has an idea of things, of the way she
wants her life to be, enter a man, and her desires change.
now, her desires are his. feminism up the ass. this is the
truth. show ANY feminist a guy that seeminly takes an
interest in her and EVERYTHING flies RIGHT OUT the window.
i dont understand the dynamic. or the attraction really.
its like, you really want this thing that will settle you
down, but it doesnt really, not in the long run,,, it just
makes you hungirer.... then what happens? the shit goes
right up, hits the fan and splatters everywhere and youll
never be abble to get the stains off and who the hell wants
a shitstained life/marriage. not me.

but then again, i dont know what i want. besdies truth,
love., fun, happiness, resiliency...