Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-08-08 01:30:36 (UTC)

Somewhere I belong...

....or maybe i should dispel the darkness, and adopt the
light...the light of hope...the light of love...the light
of compassion...

I couldn't believe it, but I found a copy of "Lord of the
Rings: Fellowship" in the video section of the children's
section in our library. Weird, so I snatched it up real
quick before anyone else would get it, even though there
was no one around within 20 to 30 yards from me. I watched
it again that night, and instantly fell into its glamour,
hypnotized by the story and the visuals, with a flood of
memories resurfacing from where they were kept in storage
somewhere within my brain.

I applied for a scholarship for school this semester, and I
am turning all anxious and restless as I wait to hear news
about it. I would definitely benefit from having a
scholarship, which would definitely free me the loan money
for which I could use for other purposes.

My second son is having trouble recalling the alphabet, and
his phonics, which he sort of learned a few months ago, and
so I have taken it upon myself to re-teach, or rehash it in
his mind, so he can better go on reading, and catch up with
his brother. My plan is basically to barrage him with the
alphabet the next few days, until all he sees are letters,
and he can gain more confidence in knowing the alphabet.

In going back to school, I have to work out on how I'm
going to retain some form of employment, for my current job
is a huge hassle to keep, especially with a set schedule
now to work around. This job was fun at times, going
without sleep for a day or two, and coming home exhausted.
But, now it's just time to move on. Move on to something
more stable, and a little more predictable...(i guess).