Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-08-07 21:20:54 (UTC)

Hot And Fresh I'm A-Bitchin'.

The following things annoyed me today. In chronological

1. Iain Lee, the lanky gimp off of RI:SE. (Yes. Insert
your own SH:IT gag here)

2. A guy with an incredibly large head and a car park
ticket in his mouth.

3. Some gimp who was listening to an R&B CD in his car
that he'd clearly only heard of because he'd read about it
in a broadsheet review section.

4. Broadsheet reviews in general. They're a sack of

5. The girl in front of me in Borders who bought some books
(including How To Be Good, I don't begrudge for that part)
and taken them back to refund them with a heat magazine.

6. The girl who walked past me when I was having a bagel
and reminded me of someone I'd rather not have been.

7. Not meeting one of my mates in the pub he works. This
was not THAT annoying, though, just a bit.

WILT? 2Pac - California Love