a little piece of me
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2003-08-07 20:04:15 (UTC)

how do i do this again?

well, i know it's been months and months since i've
written in this thing, but i just have to get something out.
the man i love, the man i'm going to marry, the man i
gave my heart and everything else to, has hurt me so
much more than i ever thought anyone could. i don't
know how i'm going to get past this. i just can't look at
him the same anymore. i love him still, but it just hurts
to look at him. i can't even stand the thought of him
touching me. yet, i'm supposed to marry him in just a
couple of months. it's too late to back out now--my
friends, family, and i have put so much time, money and
effort into this wedding. i just don't know if i can marry
someone who could hurt me so bad. what am i
supposed to do? i've been crying for 2 days now...my
head is killing me, and my chest pains have come
back. i just don't know what to do, or how to deal with
this? i just don't know.

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