Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-08-07 12:05:54 (UTC)

A Better Place

Each and every day as i take a slight step towards death
i wonder what life would be like without him or without her
Life as it continues in its orbit around the world
LIfe as it continues to stay the same for centurys to come
I hope for the future that when i pass on, something will
eventually change
that it will hit someone and hit them hard
The world is a boring place and its a shame i had to live in
I praise the world for the life i once lived
and i hope someone can have the life i dreamed of
the life that consisted of perfect love and perfect life
one that was so original you couldn't even begin to lecture
the word boring to me
I once lived a life of pain anguish and hatrid
I lived a life full of regrets and re-dos
With all the power left in me I will make this world a
better place with or without me
I wish with all my might
I hope with all the love left in me
that this world will be a better place for when i shine down
on you for when i can look at someone better and smarter and
say "I'm glad I could help in some way"
All I am trying to say is live life to the fullest dont
screw up and if you do don't let it get to you
You only get 1 shot and you have to make the best possible
if not then you know your place
I hope you all have a great life without me