Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-08-07 04:55:37 (UTC)


Wow life sucks more and more everyday..... everyone has a
boyfriend nd i dnt and i feel outta place and i dont need a
guy to make me happy but i always hate going to the fair
and seeing all these couples....wishing i was one of
them.... *sigh* i try and make others happy and it makes me
feel good about myself.... but i cant fake happiness
anymore.... but if i'm not happy then i feel like no one
will want some sad person around them.... but anyways.....
god im such a fuckin loser.... i feel unwanted more and
more everyday.... sometimes i feel like b/c im not a skinny
ass like everyone else no one wants me.... its dumb but its
true every skinny person is invited everywhere.... but nooo
not mandy! b/c shes not skinny.... i feel like pukin now...
go people are so harsh.....god i gotta leave!