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2003-08-07 04:44:14 (UTC)

what if i dont succeed ?

Sometime I wonder ??? what if i DONT succeed ? These words
keep echoing inside my head. The best part is that all this
happens when i am in the middle of a very important event.
Someone said that its alright to be afraid because its
natural. But then there are people who think otherwise. I
dont know which one is correct? It hardly matters! What
matters is the ability to give your best.
Its always to talk about things of the past than the
ones you might face in the future. Think about an event you
are going to undergo in the future and write it down on a
piece of paper. If you read your statements after that
event had occured, then you'll be surprised to find out how
easy that event was (now) and how difficult you thought it
to be (then). The inference will prompt you to think, what
if you were not afraid then?

thats all for now.... see you later....