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2003-08-07 04:27:12 (UTC)


There is a lot of things that I have been thinking about.
Alot of things, for a while that I have forgotten about.
Like...Robert. I miss you and I still have you shirt. Where
are you? Why dont you ever call or something?
I've also been thinking about people. Those who I care
about, and those I dont give two shits about. Like one
person in particular. I used to care abot them...alot..not
because I was supposed to..but because I cared enough to
try. But they dont care...all they do is think about
themselves. And that whole concided thing doesnt go over
well with me at all. They brought the problems on
themselves and have found a scapegoat to take the blame...
I hate it because that goat happens to be my
soulmate. I used to respect her parents..alot..I trusted
them too.. But not anymore.. I dont have an 1/8 of an ounce
of respect for either one of them... I dont have to love
them or respect them just because they made the most
beautiful girl in the world...I dont have to respect them
at all until they start to realize that THEY are to blame,
that it is THEIR fault. She is NOT running from
are pushing her away..She tried so hard for the both of you
and all you do is let her down and make her give up.
She raised you kids since she was in elememtary school and
you give her NO credit..not any at all and that bothers me..
So..we had to put my dog to sleep today..I cried everytime
I thought about..But I was good at work..I kept it all
in..and I sang to myself. He's up in doggy heaven now. No
more hip pain, not more getting lost in the back yard. But
I love him, and I always will. Bye Bingo.
Im going to go downstairs and draw out that map for court
now and if I dont get to it tonight..I have til about
October. Good night all.