A day in the life....
2003-08-07 02:47:05 (UTC)

just updating

Ya know..i'm getting kinda tired of being reminded to write
in here, but i guess if i never got the e-mails i'd write
in here like once every couple of months. oh well. Not too
much going on here..just resting up. I'm done with work for
the week, now i get ready for the weekend :o) I chemically
straightened my hair today, it worked nicely, but i still
have some wavy parts. Bought some stuff at the store to
cook with. I also got stuff to do a pedicure. yay! I'll do
one on myself tomorrow probably. Then i'm working on
brian's calloused feet friday night. I hope it helps. I'm
kinda out of it and a bit tired...i shouldn't be. But i
haven't been able to fall asleep at all lately. Not sure
why. I should probably go for now. Talk to Craig and try to
be know what that means...Clean My Room.
(insert sarcastic "yay" here). God bless and hopefully i'll
have more to tell later.

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