No time for love Dr. Jones
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2003-08-06 04:58:27 (UTC)

BFO update and junk

Well, today is my first day back at work after my holiday
and I guess I have a few things to add here. Normally it's
good to begin at the beginning, but i'm going to take a
little shortcut here and start with...

One of the scariest days of my life.
On Wednesday, whilst in Melbourne Belinda sent me an SMS to
say that she'd found a lump in her booby and had to go to
the doctor to get it checked out. As you can imagine, this
is a fairly big sort of thing to happen. I spent the rest
of the day stressing, playing What If & Maybe over and over
in my head. It's quite a thing to be told that someone you
love may be about to go through one of the biggest fights
in their life, and may die. The sorts of things that went
through my head are things I never imagined I would ever
have to experience. By the time I'd gotten back from
Melbourne my head had been hurting for two days and I'd run
every possible scenario through my mind. Belinda went in to
have the tests taken on Thursday and the results would be
in on Tuesday, so we waited. The ride back to our house was
a bit tense, I wasn't quite sure what I should say, should
I bring it up, or was my role to help her take her mind of
the impending juggernaut that threatened to ruin both our
lives? For the next few days I leaned towards the latter,
letting her cry on my shoulder when she needed it, but
trying to keep her in high spirits and keep her mind off of
the big bad.

By the time Tuesday rolled around, I'm pretty sure Belinda
had managed about 4 hours sleep, and she was understandably
anxious. But it turned out that she needn't be, with the
news that everything was as it should be! Huzzah!

I think that the telling of my Melbourne exploits should be
held for a part 2...

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