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2003-08-06 02:13:43 (UTC)

"ON A HIGH"... 2 years huh?

yeah, so, on the 14th it's been two years since phil and i
first slept together... and every summer has been
interesting since then. well, a lot of my life has been
since then... Yes, to update, I'm still with Kevin, still
madly in love and goingon 9 months together now. Getting
ready to go back to school in 9 days (I'm in Maine for the
summer, still working at the theater, ofcourse, but also
working at T Shirts n Things at the beach). Phil and Hun
have dated for most of the summer, so that was weird for a
bit, and now she's dating Kim's ex Dustin, lol... .I know,
it's been a weird summer.

I don't really know why I'm writing, except that it's
been weird here lately, and I wish I could make sense of
it all... but it's summer, and as per usual for us summer
people, nothing that happens in the summer makes sense!!

I miss my love, and can't wait to be home. My vacation
this year consisted of going to campus for a week for a
college republican convention. I'm planning on taking a
semester/year off to travel for the CRNC, as a field rep.
I really think it'll be good for me, I think I need to do
my own thing for a bit, I mean, I love AU, and I love my
life, but I still haven't figured out a lot about myself,
and I think I need to.