Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
2003-08-05 19:06:18 (UTC)

Getting closer...

I can't wait to get out of here!!! I'm taking off for camp
on Friday... I'm going to be a counselor for the Jr.
Highers at my home church!!! w00t!!! hee hee... I really
need a break! Not saying that this job hasn't been good for
me (hey it got me off my keister and I'm making the
$$$!!!)... but I'm freaking tired!!! I want to go run
around like a crazy person and act like a jr higher without
being looked at funny!!! I get to do that next week!!!
YAY!!! I miss Zachary... :(... he's probably at Plymoth
rock right now... If I went to the East Coast, I'd probably
just stay in New York... Trendy Soho, Times Square,
Rockafeller Center, BROADWAY!!! Ahhh... I could spend a
month there without flinching!!! My parents went out of
town... they left this morning!!! Woo PARTY!!! :) Just
kidding... maybe I'll have some peeps come over and watch
movies or something... I'd like to have a big ol' shindig,
but it's too last minute and no one is even in town!!! :(.