my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-08-05 18:43:06 (UTC)

florida. woo. hoo.

hey. im in florida. its ok. nothign special really it looks
pretty much the same except there are palm tree's
everywhere. before we landed, we were over the ocean and
wow it was georguss. i dont know how to spell that but
thats not right. i used to have a way of rememebring but
i've forgotten it. any way. flying was cool. take off was
fun. i was freaked out about it. when we were walking on
the plane i was like "o dag amy im so nervous" i was
shaking lol. ne way flying cool. ok. im gonna go now but
yea. i think i should delete this no one reads it i never
write in it. i might. bye.
p.s. next time i write im gonna write trash and secrets
just because hahahhahahahahaa.

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