my life
2003-08-05 18:33:10 (UTC)

Its been a long time

Its been a really long time since I wrote in this thing. Im
15 now, almost 16, and about to head to Junior year in high
school. Lol i read all the other entries from 2 years ago.
Wow I was a loser. lol

Well alot has changed over the years...I have a new
boyfriend his name is Andrew...relationships going really
well.. April 25, 2003 until ya babe.

I got a job at a restaurant...its called hooters. lol no jk
i work at Main Course restaurant...its alright..i work
friday nights, it sucks. moneys good though.

I got a new dog, a male purebread black lab puppy..his name
is Rosco. Hes a monster, he has plenty of toys to bite and
chew but he prefers my hand. and my clothes. and my shoes
especially. Yeah i thought puppies were supposed to be cute
and cuddly and funny. this thing is annoying lol

so yeah, i have a life now. so Im heading out into the
world and enjoying my life.

Cya later!

weeeweeeweeeweee.... its me andy im her b/f MUAHHA love ya