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2003-08-05 14:23:09 (UTC)

August 5th 1982

I had to write something on my birthday right? Sounds good.
Okay, so 20 was a pretty interesting ride, a few firsts, a
bunch of seconds, and an outrageous amount of thirds, and I
can't think because i'm listening to the new line of covers
performed by the alleged "playboys of punk rock", (you know
the 'scene' is in trouble when...), Me First and the Gimme
Gimmes. Anyways, my 20th year will be forever marked by the
person who has made probably the biggest impact on me in my
history of existence, Veronica. It was favourable year
because of her. Which was no small order, given the
incompetence-in-action of el presidente americano, the
various continued atrocities of the evil corporate profit
seekers, the gut-wrenching fashion in which the senators
were ousted from the '03 playoffs, and countless other
unpositive events.

Well, anyways, lets see what 21 has in store...

(this hastey exit was brought to you by breakfast from mom)