lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-08-05 06:29:52 (UTC)

rich kids cry too

a little quote from some random oaks christian revelations. haha.
right on. so here's the deal: everything is like exponentially exactly
what i said in my last entry but moreso...let me explain.

i'm growing more and more with God...i seriously whine every day
wishing i would have more faith...more trust...more peace...but i
figure the best way to get closer to those is to just absolutely
immerse myself in i'm trying and it seems to help...

i like my boyfriend more and more every day. you all will kick me
in the head if i actually say what's going on in my little head right
now....blah blah blah...oh well. i like him a lot and it's incredible
how someone can make you want to be a better person so
much...and seriously make me rejoice and want God that much

and on that note...i love my friends right now. even tonight, when
we were all a bit edgy thanks to the tides of time (haha) was fun
and relaxing and just such a blessing to be able to sit in the car
together and like each other...or something.

and my family is still super-cute. my parents have been married for
twenty-five frickin' years. how tight is that? they're adorable and
as annoying as their little rules can be, how blessed am i?